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What are the health benefits of Chanca Piedra?-Phyllanthus Niruri


Chanca Piedra or Phyllanthus Niruri is also known as ‘Stonebreaker’ or ‘Seed under leaf’ is a tropical plant or herb found in Amazon rain forests and along the coasts. It spreads like common weeds. It is a naturally occurring herb and was first called Quebra Pedra in Brazil where the people made its tea or added it to the juices. It is considered as a biologically active plant which has excellent antioxidant and antibacterial activity.

Chanca Piedra or Phyllanthus Niruri

The whole plant is used to make medicines. Chanca Piedra has numerous health benefits as it is rich in different types of chemicals which helps in relieving fever and spasms. The herb also acts as a powerful pain killer/ pain reliever. It is considered as an anti-inflammatory and a pain blocker similar to morphine but without side effects.

Modern sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have led to various diseases like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. These ailments strain the liver and kidney further leading to deficiency of minerals like magnesium from the body. Chanca Piedra helps in tackling all these problems naturally.

What are the Health Benefits of Chanca Piedra?-(Phyllanthus Niruri)

  • The herb Chanca Piedra has been used by people of Amazon since ages, to treat and remove gallstones and kidney stones. That is why it is given the name ‘Stone Breaker/Stone Crusher’ because of its lithotriptic(stone breaking and expelling) properties.

Herbal Remedy for Kidney Stone

Useful in Kidney Stones

  • It reduces the levels of urinary calcium that leads to stone formation in the kidneys or bladder. The herb when consumed in the form of medicine helps to soften (gelatinize) the kidney and gallstones allowing them to change shape so that it can come out of the ureter smoothly and painlessly.
  • These stones can be extremely painful for the patient. Just by increasing the intake of water and consuming Chanca Piedra on regular basis, the patient can find relief in it. The herb relaxes the ureter for easier and less painful passing of stones. The alkaloid present in the leaves and stem of Chanca Piedra herb has antispasmodic property.Thus, the herb serves as a relaxing agent for smooth muscles and also helps in expelling stones out of the system.

Urinary Tract infections

Useful in Urinary Tract infections

  • It is mainly used to treat Urinary Tract infections that causes pain and swellings inflammation, and discharge from urethra or vagina. The herb helps to increase the volume of urine and acts as a deterrent against different types of viruses and bacteria. The herb is known for its diuretic qualities and is very effective in relieving edema and urine retention.

Useful in Digestive Disorders

  • The plant is used for treating digestive tract disorders including gas or bloating, loss of appetite, stomach pain, intestinal infections, constipation, and dysentery. It works as a mild laxative.

How to Take

  • Consuming a cup of Chanca Piedra daily helps in stimulating the appetite and get rid of infections in the digestive tract. Good digestion improves nutrient absorption in the intestines and also leads to efficient excretion of wastes. It also helps to expel worms (anti-parasitic) out of a body. The herb in a way boosts the overall immunity of the body.

Herbal Remedies for liver disorders

Useful in Liver Disorders

  • The herb is known to be used as a liver tonic to manage liver problems like jaundice. The herb has strong hepatoprotective properties. Consuming the herb helps to stimulate bile production in the liver, which in turn, speeds up the elimination of all harmful substances in the body. Thus, it aids the liver in its proper functioning and eliminating toxins out of the body.
  • The herb has the ability to protect the liver due to the presence of phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin in it. It helps to treat fatty liver. The herb is widely used in preparing medicines for treating the deadly disease called Hepatitis B especially for children. It is the most effective, natural, non-toxic remedy for HBV (Hepatitis B Virus).

diabetes herbal remedies

Useful for Diabetic Patients

  • Chanca Piedra is very useful for diabetic patients as it helps in reducing insulin resistance and also reduces the risk of heart diseases. It plays an important role in keeping the blood sugar level under control by inhibiting glucose absorption and enhancing glucose storage. The herb also keeps the blood pressure normal. Chanca Piedra is a natural choice for people who do not want to take pills for hypertension.

Useful in Respiratory Problems

  • Chanca Piedra is a natural treatment for cough, sore throat and treats breathing problems caused by diseases like tuberculosis, bronchitis, and asthma. The Chanca Piedra tea is a very effective remedy for a persistent cough as it fights against the viruses and bacteria causing cough. It is also recommended to treat swollen tonsils, colic, flu, swine flu, malaria etc. It helps in reducing fever effectively. It is also being used for other conditions like treating tremors, itching, typhoid, dizziness.

Useful in Joint Pain

  • Chanca Piedra is very useful in treating joint soreness. It is also known to stop abnormal gene mutations and could possibly be used to prevent cancer from spreading.

Useful in Weight loss

Chanca Piedra is an excellent herb for weight loss. The stone-breaker herb also has the capabilities of lowering cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is one of the major reasons for getting gallstones.
To prepare Chanca Piedra tea, one needs to boil 2 heaped spoons of the herb or 5 g of dried herb in 500 ml water for 10 minutes. The tea can be taken 2 to 3 times a day (125 ml at a time) to cleanse kidneys and liver.

How Chanca Piedra Works?

  • The herb is available as a dried herb in stores. Tea can be prepared from it. The herb is also available in tincture form, as water extracts and encapsulated at some outlets. The best one is 50% methanol extract of Chanca Piedra due to its high potency.Chanca Piedra is a powerhouse herb that could improve the health and quality of life naturally. It should be included in the diet regardless of any ailments. It has curative and preventive abilities and is very beneficial in maintaining normal liver, digestive, and kidney function


  • The herb should not be used if one is planning to undergo surgery as it might slow blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding. It might also interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should also avoid consuming Chanca Piedra in large quantities.

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Can women use Shilajit?


Your daily routines are going to make you get tired and fatigued by evening. The ladies going for some jobs just want to fly home and hit the bed instantly, better wait, who is going to take care of her hubby and the kids. They just can’t retire so soon and become irritable and stressful. But not anymore, Ayurveda has found a cure for you. When you have tried so many tonics that you never got the instant energy, why not give a chance to nature?

Nature bestows a lot of things to the human race and we should avail all these benefits. One such thing is Shilajit, a strong natural super food that is what the doctor ordered. It will definitely solve all the problems the female’s faces.

Shilajit for women health

  • Do you feel fatigued all the time?
  • Are you tired of feeling exhausted always?

As a lady, you should, wait, we have a solution to relieve you from all this mess, Shilajit, a gift that is natural.  It’s a Sankrit word that means ‘destroyer of weakness’ or ‘conqueror of mountains’.  All ladies can enjoy its various benefits like strong hair, a radiant & glowing skin, a balanced sexual health and anti-aging.

Many more benefits can also be enjoyed and the females will never feel tired again. It is available as a black tar substance, is quite rare and oozes out from the Himalayas and Tibetans mountains, which is extracted in summers only. We will discuss how it makes a difference to the females health in doing daily chores.

Irrespective of the lady’s gender, age, it provides you the energy that makes you become enthusiastic. Whether you want to conceive, or you are a working lady or just need to boost your energy level, it will give you the unexpected benefits. It will make you an extrovert from an introvert lady. Here are the benefits it provides:

What are the basic benefits of Shilajit?

The Ultimate Energy Booster:-

  • Whatever you do, work in office, a housewife or a sports lady, in every field you need energy to do your daily chores. Shilajit boosts our energy fuel, called ATP. With the passage of time our cells start feeling tired out and become lethargic. All our physical movements become restricted. This is where Shilajit steps in, regenerates these lethargic cells and gets more energy from the food that we eat daily.

It heals Infertility and Strengthened Sexual Health:

  • Female fertility is to be able to conceive a child. Since centuries, Shilajit has proved to produce miracles by helping childless couples and infertile couples to conceive a child. It has certain kind of proteins, fatty acids, amino acids, fulvic acid and carotenoids.
  • All these combined makes them butcher the toxins and clean the re-productive organs, they throw out the toxins that were responsible for making the females in-fertile.

Puts an End To Irregular Menstrual Cycles-Irregular Menstrual system consists of

  • Missed periods
  • Bleeding continues in between the 2 periods
  • Heavy bleeding during the periods
  • Cramps in the lower abdomen

Shilajit helps in encouraging the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)that is present in a gland belonging to brain. FSH controls the menstrual cycle and enhances the ovaries to produce healthy eggs.

Health Benefits of shialjit

The Best Drug for Mood Changes:

  • Nobody wants to be in a bad mood for long, as it can lead to depression attack. Everybody goes through this phase at one time or another. A practical way to find the reason behind it is to try to find the root cause.
  • If you need some extra help, Shilajit is there to help you. You might had a very bad day, have a capsule of Shilajit before you hit the bed, it brings you back to happiness the next morning.

Strong Nails and Lustrous Hair:

  • Everybody loves to have shiny hair like a star, smooth as silk mop of hair that is praised by all. ‘ neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride’ all the females take good care of the hair that grows on their scalps.
  • No matter how old the lady is, even she would love to keep her hair in certain style. The females also love having strong nails that can be cut in different styles and beautified with the nail polish. Shilajit has abundance of zinc, iron and lots of vitamins like A, B, C, D and E. They will certainly get the results they are seeking.

A Good Night’s Sound Sleep:

  • Insomnia is spreading like a jungle fire these days, due to hectic pace that this world is growing at. You need to have lots of energy to cope with it. Stress level are rising, giving you sleepless nights.
  • Your next day chores are disturbed by not getting the enough sleep. Nothing seems to go right. You just lie on the bed and turning to different sides the whole night, need help? gat a capsule of a shilajeet and enjoy a sound sleep in a natural way. It will also help in reducing your stress level

Antioxidant Strength:

  • These days nobody is perfect, and have many bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, pollution in the atmosphere, radiation and ultra violet rays of the Sun, proving its nefariousness to us. An active content of Shilajit is Fulvic acid, which helps in neutralizing the free radicals that are lurking out there to strike a disease on our body.

Strengthens the Immune System:

  • Every part of female body drives some nutritious thing, when you eat food, but if you take Shiajit along your breakfast, it rejuvenates you. It helps in saving you from environmental assaults and ambushes. If your immune system is weak, you become more prone to acquire a disease. Shilajit strengthens your immune system that produces healthy enzymes that are ready to combat with free radicals. It prevents you from many diseases, if you acquire one it gives you the strength to fight it.

Does it has any other benefits?

It has many other benefits like

  • Rejuvenates the brain cells for brain health.
  • Controls healthy blood sugar level.
  • Balances the fluids and electrolytes of the body.
  • Boosts body’s metabolism and many more.

Just buy a jar and try it out in a practical way, come on better be a sport.