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Acidity is a digestive disorder when you can’t digest your food properly; it brings in a burning sensation in your chest, as the stomach doesn’t allow it to land in it and pushes back the food. We often call it heartburn. Sometimes we eat wrong food at a wrong time, it might be a citrus fruit, eating irregularly, smoking excessively, and taking alcoholic drinks in excess, eating junk or fast food eating fried or oily foods, packaged food, sugary foods, spicy food, all can lead to acidity. It may also happen if you have excessive pain killers. There are many other reasons like lack of physical movements, hit your sack just after eating dinner. Even the digestive system needs some rest, this way food remains in the food pipe causing acidity the next morning. Age factor is also an important factor for causing acidity as older people get frequent acidity. There are many other things that enhance acidity like stress, depression, anger, lifestyle, eating habits and many more. Obese people and pregnant ladies are more prone to acquire acidity.

Your esophagus doesn’t let the food reach the stomach and the acid produced by it causes the backward movement of the food and you feel the pain in your abdomen, chest and neck area which makes life very uncomfortable for you. Whatever we eat gets digested by the stomach, when it produces some acids that break down the food and the digestive process begins. When these acids are produced in excess, it feels like the food is coming out, the taste of your mouth gets sore. Many times gas gets accumulated, making you acquire fat and become obese. If it is ignored, it might lead to further complication like How can constipation engulf our body?

Instead of going to the doctor to have a tablet, syrup or capsule that helps in digestion of the food, here are some home remedies which we can follow to get rid of acidity.


Today we are going to discuss some home remedies if adopted properly can avoid you from getting an upset stomach. These tablets are a temporary treatment and we will discuss some permanent solutions to it that prevent you from getting acidity as “prevention is always better than cure.”


The first one is, get marshmallow root: dry it and make its powder by grinding it well. Now get a cup of hot water and pour 1 teaspoon of this powder in the cup and stir it vigorously until this powder dissolves fully. Drink this glass 15 minutes before having any meals. Keep repeating this procedure until your acidity dies down completely.


You have many things, which can be found in your kitchen garden or your kitchen that can sooth your acidity problem once and for all.  Take cardamom (Elaichiin) seeds and chew them. This process enhances the production of saliva in your mouth, which helps in making digestion better. Their cooling effect cools down your burning sensation.


Cumin seeds are another home remedy that brings relief from indigestion. It never lets the gas formed in your stomach and starts making you feel comfortable.


Cinnamon powder and honey paste is also a catalyst for healthy digestion. It is very effective if taken before having meals and even a heavy meal is easily digested, with this combination. It eases the gas and keeps your stomach in a neat & clean condition. It also helps in Hyper-acidity. This cinnamon powder can be added to water and boiled for 5, 6 minutes and after straining you can drink it or it can be put in your herbal tea and taken. It will certainly help in the acidity fizzling process.


Having cloves juice is also a good option to drive away acidity. Take 3, 4 pieces of cloves, put them under your jaws and chew mildly on them. Their juice that oozes out is a great mineral for making your digestive system healthy. You can also opt for a small cup of milk without sugar or you can opt to add some honey to it, according to your taste, and sip it like you sip your morning tea.


Coconut water is extremely good for the inflammation caused by acidity because it has cool properties. twice a day is enough. You can eat it’s cream too, it also helps in making digestion better. You can also put a piece, a small one, in your mouth after having meals, but this method should not be adopted by those who are diabetic.


Tulsi (Basil) is present in almost all Indian kitchens. Chew its 4, 5 leaves after washing them thoroughly with plain water, you can also add them to a glass of plain water and boil it. After straining, drink this glass or you can also add it’s leaves to your daily cup of tea or coffee and sip it twice a day. It also smoothens your digestive tracts.


Buttermilk is considered the best remedy for acidity if it happens due to excessive drinking and late-night party. It soothes your neck, chest and stomach’s burning sensation quite easily and makes you feel comfortable instantly.

There are many other fruits and vegetables that subside your digestive issues such as:


Take a slice of ginger and put it under your jaws, the juice that comes out, let it pass through your neck and reach the stomach, it will help in restoring your digestive system.


Tale the powder of Glutamine, Aloe Vera and mix them and chew them for 10- 15 minutes before meals. It’s cooling properties don’t let indigestion remain in your stomach.


Fenugreek also helps in easing out the acidity symptoms that are present in your stomach.

You can also fix the time for your intake of foods firmly. Don’t eat irregularly often, it triggers acidity. Chart out a time table and try following it firmly. Get rid of food allergens, when some food gives you some sort of trouble, avoid eating it in the future. It is a lot better if something making you feel uncomfortable. You also need to change your lifestyle. The regular formation of acidity does not play safe with your health. At least try something different, I know it is not an easy task but can be tried and makes you realize a bit later that this route is far better than the initial one. These are some of the tips to be taken seriously, which can relieve you from acidity, once and for all.

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Intermittent Fasting: Is it good for Health?

Often the question arises whether the fasting is good for our body or not? Fasting is defined as abstaining from the food for a stipulated period that can either be of food or even water. Fasting is the very cheapest and effective treatment in the case of various disorders. There are various types of fasting in practice these days such as intermittent fasting, alternate-day fasting, the daniel fast, time-restricted fasting and so on. Nowadays, intermittent fasting has become a very popular way where fasting starts and stops at various intervals. The outcomes of this type of fasting are quite effective and long-lasting.

Even we know that most of the individual fast to reduce fat and weight, as a religious or spiritual or auspicious ritual, and to detox the body. Moreover, fasting is different from starvation, as in starvation the involuntary absence of the food is bad for health and the matter of concern. Here this best way helps us to attain better benefits.

Intermittent fasting is also called cyclic fasting where the fasting remains for 14 hours or can be up to 48 hours.

Benefits & Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Our Health

1.  Gastro-Intestinal Tract :

Our gastro intestinal tract is prone to develop various toxins in the body due to direct assimilation in the bloodstream and can accumulate in any part of the body and develops consequences. So, in this case, fasting helps to curb the toxins and even increases the digestive fire, which won’t allow the production and accumulation of those toxins. It also helps to maintain a regular bowel habit, relieve constipation and maintain the gut flora.

2.  Higher Mental Functions :

Intermittent fasting also helps to maintain and improve the higher mental activities. Satva concerned with the higher mental functions, so to improve Satva, Upvasa (fasting) is the beneficial and easiest way to attain better health.

3.  A long Lifespan :

Even fasting helps to rejuvenate the body cells, restores the structural deformities and regulates the normal functions. Fasting increases the metabolic process and improves the digestion related activities, thus, improves the life span of the individual by eliminating the morbidities from the body. Even fasting delays the degenerative changes and slows down the aging process.

4.  Enhance Energy Level :

Despite declining energy, fasting helps to boost up the energy levels in the body. It eliminates free radicals from the body and revitalizes the body with a good amount of energy and makes you healthy and energetic the whole day.

5.  Boost Immunity :

Our immune system plays a major role in maintaining health. Moreover, good immunity is helpful to avoid diseases and prevents the body from various infections.

6.  Weight Reduction :

Obesity is the major reason for the production of various diseases in the body. So to cut down or burn the extra fat from the body fasting is a perfect choice.

Ayurvedic Concept of Fasting

In Ayurveda, fasting is defined as langhana where the patient is guided for avoiding the intake of foods along with some lifestyle modifications to treat the diseases. It is the ancient but more potent as in Ayurveda mandagni is considered as the root cause of all the diseases which further led to the formation of Ama in the body. If that Ama is eliminated from the body individual will be free from diseases. So, to digest that Ama Langhna (Fasting) is the best treatment.

Why is Fasting Needed?

In today’s life everybody relies upon junk foods, fermented foods, unctuous foods, heavy foods, etc. and also these days, living a sedentary lifestyle, doing sitting jobs, lack of exercises lead to accumulation of toxins in the body which is the major reason for the development of various problems. So to counteract these problems, fasting is a better way that too in a small interval of timings and on and off fasting is a usually recommendable plan, to stay healthy and fit.

What are the Ways to do Fasting?

Fasting is not as simple as that, you just avoid the food, but there are some regulations that you need to follow during fasting. Before fasting, you should consider the health, and then decide the hours according to body type.

For example – Kaphaja Prakruti individual can fast for long hours. i.e. about 16- 24 hours.

Pitta Prakruti person – should do fasting, moderately i.e. about 14- 18 hours.

Vata Prakruti individual – Should do very minimal fasting i.e for around 10 to 12 hours.

Criteria for Beginners

Beginners should start with short intervals. Then gradually increase their timings. Initially, they can abstinent solid food and take a liquid diet. Later on, they can avoid liquid stuff too.

When to Avoid Fasting?

Individuals should avoid intermittent fasting if suffering from severe weakness, extremely debilitating, and immune-compromised patients.

Signs of  Proper Fasting

  • Uncoated tongue
  • Clear vision
  • Improved mental functions
  • Regular hormonal balance

“Maintain fasting as a part and parcel of your life, but you should avoid over fasting”.