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Superfoods to Make Your Skin Glow This Winter


Most of the people like the winter season but some don’t like it because it brings uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet. In some cases, the skin gets so much dry which causes cracking and flaking of skin. The chilly dry wind, low temperature make your skin texture dry, and cracks on your lips.

Tips For Winter Glowing Skin

What lifestyle you have to follow for glowing skin?

  • Along with proper skin care routine, you should opt for a healthy lifestyle. This will helps to maintain your proper glow throughout the winter season.
  • A healthy diet helps you to protect your skin from UV sun damage, skin irritation, dryness, wrinkles, and aging.

What are the disease that cause dullness of skin?

  • Winter has its own charm but have you ever realized that it could wreak on your skin. The cold air absorbs the natural content of oil from your skin and makes it dry.
  • Sometimes it causes severe problems such as eczema and psoriasis.So you should be very careful with your skin during winter.

What are the superfoods that make your skin glowing in winters?

  • There are numbers of superfoods which internally helps you to maintain the skin moisturizer content.

Health Benefits of carrot

1.    Carrots:

  • Carrot is a very good source of beta-carotene which is skin friendly nutrient which converted into vitamin A inside the body. Along with vitamin, Carrot is also loaded with vitamin C.
  • Carrot has an antioxidant property which protects your skin from oxidative damage caused by free radical. Lycopene present in carrot protects your skin against UV damage.

How to Use

  • If you add fresh juice of carrot in your daily diet than it’s a great way to keep your skin hydrated and protect it from dryness.
  • To make this drink cut some carrot in small pieces and put them in juicer along with some mint leaves.
  • After that drain it and add some lemon juice to it for better taste.
  • You can make a moisturizing carrot face-mask which helps to soothe your skin externally.

almond oil

2.    Almonds:

  • Almonds  are another healthier superfood for your skin. It is packed with healthy fats, proteins, fibers, minerals such as manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and vitamins such as vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E in carrot can do wonders for your skin because it helps to nourish and protect your skin from UV damage. It also contains an anti-aging property which prevents your skin from wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Use

  • You can either eat them or use almond oil to do massage before bath. This will provide you with glowing and radiant complexion.  You can also use almond as a scrub.
  • For this soak handful of almond overnight and next day peel them, grind thoroughly and add some milk and yogurt to form a facial scrub. Use this scrub 2-3 time in a week.

Oilve Oil Benefits for Skin

3.    Olive oil:

  • As we well known that olive oil has been used for many years to moisturize your skin and provide a soothing effect. It has very good anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, which hydrate your skin during winters and protect your skin from autoimmune free radical damage.
  • Being rich in vitamin A and E it also contains several minerals and fatty acids which are good for your healthy skin.

How to Use

  • To get proper benefits of olive oil take some drops of oil on your hand and massage gently on your body, over your face. Rest it for some time and after that take a warm bath.  You can also use this oil in cooking and salad dressing.

Avocado Health Benefits

4.    Avocado:

  • Avocado is high in nutrient value because it contains a high content of vitamin A, C, and E along with monounsaturated fats. Along with these vitamins, avocado also contains folic acid, magnesium, and potassium which provides very good health benefits.
  • This fruit locks the skin moisture content and helps to make your skin moist during winters. So you should add this fruit in your diet daily.

How to Use

  • You can also make a hydrating face-mask by crushing and mashing it properly in the mixer. Add some drops of olive oil and honey to it.
  • Mix it well and make a fine paste with good consistency so that you can apply it on your face easily. Rest it for 15-20 minutes and after that rinse it off with warm water. Avocado oil is also good for dry skin during winters.

Health Benefits of grape fruits

5.    Grapefruit:

  • Due to its antioxidant property firstly it protects your skin from free radical damage and secondly vitamin C in grapefruit protect your skin from dryness. One of important mineral such as potassium in grapefruit prevents the skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and harmful UV sun rays. Grapefruit is a good source of phytochemical naringin which reduces the toxicity of the liver and ultimately makes your skin healthier.

How to Use

  • So add fresh juice of grapefruits in your diet. You can also prepare the face-mask of grapefruits by adding ½ cup of oatmeal, and one tablespoon of honey to it.
  • Apply it on your skin for 10-20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

broccoli health benefits

6.    Broccoli:

  • Broccoli is included in one of healthier vegetable for our skin. It is a great source of vitamin A, C, and some natural estrogen’s. All these nutrients show some very good effect on your skin.
  • Vitamin C in Broccoli act as a stimulant for the production of collagen which keeps your skin healthy.
  • Vitamin B in broccoli prevents dryness, itchiness and flaky patches on your skin. Due to all these benefits, you should add this vegetable to your daily routine.


7.    Spinach:

  • It is a very good source of vitamin A, C, E, fibers, and proteins, minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Spinach contains antioxidants which protect skin from toxins and fight against various skin disorders.

How to Use

  • You can add spinach juice in your daily routine for the healthy glowing skin. Eating spinach will helps you to clean your skin internally.

Top 10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation is a condition characterized by the darkening of certain patches of the skin, particularly the facial skin. This condition is commonly called Hyper-pigmentation. It makes the skin look uneven and unhealthy. In Skin Pigmentation, certain patches of the skin become dark because of damage to or over-production of Melanocytes the cells which produce melanin, the pigment that gives a unique colour to the skin. Skin Pigmentation is a harmless condition, but it can be a possible indication of some underlying medical problem.


Skin Pigmentation : Causes

Some of the common causes leading to the development of Skin Pigmentation are:

  • Damage to the skin due to injury

  • Direct and excessive Sun exposure

  • Burning of the skin

  • Genetic factors

  • Emotional stress

  • Hormonal changes

  • Allergic reactions

  • Dietary imbalances

Top 10 Home Remedies for Skin Pigmentation

The top 10 home remedies which involve the use of certain household ingredients that can effectively treat Skin Pigmentation in most cases are:


1) Potato

Raw potatoes contain an enzyme known as Catecholase which has the ability to reduce dark spots and blemishes on the skin by controlling the production of melanin.

As a Home Remedy for Skin Pigmentation, Use Potato in the Following Way:

  • Cut a clean, washed potato in two pieces

  • On the cut side of the potato, add a few drops of water

  • Rub it on the pigmented areas in a circular motion

  • After 10 minutes, wash the affected areas with lukewarm water

  • Do this remedy 3-4 times daily, for a month

2) Lemon Juice and Organic Honey

Lemon is considered a natural bleaching agent because it is abundant in Vitamin C and can lighten dark spots on the skin. Organic honey is an amazing moisturizer.

Use Lemon and Organic Honey as Follows to Treat Skin Pigmentation:

  • Take the juice of one lemon, and add 2 teaspoon of Organic honey to it.

  • Apply the mixture on the pigmented areas of the skin.

  • Leave it for nearly 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water.

  • Use this remedy two times a day.

3) Lemon and Turmeric

The combination of lemon and turmeric is also beneficial in treating Skin Pigmentation because lemon bleaches the skin naturally. Turmeric clears the blemishes and dark spots, and gives a healthy glow to the skin.

Use the Lemon and Turmeric Remedy for Skin Pigmentation as Follows:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon each of lemon juice and turmeric powder

  • Apply the mixture onto the pigmented skin

  • Leave it on for around 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water

  • Follow this remedy every night before going to bed

4) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful natural astringent which can restore the natural colour of the skin. It is also abundant in beta-carotene which can reverse the damage caused to the skin by free radicals

To manage Skin Pigmentation, Use Apple Cider Vinegar as Follows:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 2 tablespoons of water

  • Apply the solution on the pigmented areas, and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Wash the skin with lukewarm water

  • Use the remedy two times a day

5) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera works is a remarkable skin cleanser which can maintain the skin’s natural pH and oil balance. It can reduce dark spots on the skin, and can protect the skin from damage caused by the Sun’s UV radiation.

Use Aloe Vera to Treat Skin Pigmentation in the Following Way:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel and half-tablespoon of raw honey

  • Let the mixture set for around 10 minutes

  • Apply the mixture on affected skin for 20 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water

  • Do this remedy once daily, for 15 days

6) Cucumber

The use of Cucumber can notably improve skin complexion. When mixed with some honey and lemon juice, Cucumber can rejuvenate the skin by reducing dark spots and blemishes.

Use Cucumber Juice, Honey, Lemon Juice Mixture for Treating Skin Pigmentation as Follows:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon each of Cucumber juice, honey and lemon juice

  • Apply the mixture on pigmented areas, and leave for nearly 10 minutes

  • Wash the affected areas with lukewarm water

  • Use the remedy two times a day

7) Orange Peels

The peels of oranges can reduce pigmentation because of the presence of citric acid. The citric acid in orange peels can effectively reduce melanin and lighten the skin noticeably.

Use Powdered Orange Peels to Reduce Skin Pigmentation as Follows:

  • Mix powdered peels of an orange with 1 teaspoon each of milk, honey and lemon juice

  • Apply the mixture on pigmented skin, and leave it for 20 minutes.

  • Wash the skin with lukewarm water

  • Do this remedy 3-4 times a week

8) Papaya

Papaya has excellent skin-exfoliating properties because of the presence of the papain enzyme. It can treat Skin Pigmentation by removing dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new cells.

Papaya can be Used for Treating Skin Pigmentation as Follows:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of Papaya pulp with 1 tablespoon each of honey and milk

  • Apply the mixture onto the affected areas; and leave it on for half an hour

  • Wash the affected areas with lukewarm water

  • Follow this remedy two times a day

9) Yogurt

Yogurt can improve skin complexion by exfoliating the skin. The presence of lactic acid in Yogurt can also reduce melanin by slowing down the production of Melanocytes.

To Treat Skin Pigmentation, Use Yogurt as Follows:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of plain, full-fat Yogurt

  • Apply it on the pigmented areas; and leave for 20 minutes

  • Rinse the Yogurt off with lukewarm water

  • Use this remedy two times a week

10) Sandalwood

Sandalwood has time-tested natural properties to purify the blood and offer protection to the skin against the harmful UV rays of the Sun. It is one of the common ingredients used in sunscreens.

Sandalwood can Reduce Skin Pigmentation when Used as Follows:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of Sandalwood powder with 2 tablespoons of Rose Water

  • Apply the mixture onto the pigmented areas, and leave for nearly half an hour

  • Wash the skin with lukewarm water

  • Use this remedy two times a day


  • The above-discussed home remedies are extremely beneficial in treating Skin Pigmentation effectively, in a natural way.

  • Home remedies are safe, herbal methods to enhance skin complexion by reducing dark spots, blemishes and uneven patches on the skin.

  • The natural ingredients which comprise home remedies for Skin Pigmentation have the ability to accelerate the process of reversing sun damage and giving the skin a radiant glow.