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In general, acid alkaline balance means balance between the amount of acids and non-acids found in our body’s fluids and tissues. Here non-acid refers to the alkalis. By measuring pH levels, we can determine the acid alkaline balance. A pH of 7 is considered neutral while pH below 7 indicates acidic condition and pH more than 7 indicates an alkaline condition. This balance is required for maintaining good health of a person.

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Imbalances in acid alkaline balance results in improper functions of various organs in our body which in turn leads to various diseases. The main cause of this unbalanced acid alkaline balance is the poor eating habits.

Relationship Between pH and Health

Eating excess of acid forming foods leads to acidosis. Excess acidity gives rise to improper function of the digestive system which in turn affects the liver and kidney. Inflammation, allergies, arthritis, skin problems, constipation, bowel issues, physical and mental stress, and chronic diseases are the various health problems that are the results of excess eating of such foods.

The acid forming food includes Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, high fat dairy products,fried foods, alcohol, soda, other energy drinks, refined sugar rich foods and caffeine, etc. So we should avoid excess eating of such acid forming foods in order to maintain good health.

Alkalosis is a condition when there is excess alkalinityin the body. This condition is quite rare. This condition may arise due to excess eating of antacid drugs or because of frequent vomiting.

Condition of Acidosis can be balanced by eating alkaline foods. Mineral rich plant foods can easily shift the acidic pH to the alkaline direction.

Alkaline diet includes leafy greens, wheatgrass, vegetables e.g. carrot, sprouts, avocados, green juices etc. Milk is neutral. Milk helps in mild acidic condition. Most of the fruits are alkalizing, one of the examples is pineapple. This alkaline rich diet helps in neutralizing the acidity in our body. By eating this alkaline diet we can flood our bodies with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and oxygen.

Healthy food results in healthy cell production in our body and thereby help maintain acid alkaline balance in our body which is necessary for the overall health of the body.


No doubt, the body has its own acid alkaline balancing mechanism but overeating of acidic foods leads to disturbed acid alkaline balance. This is the result of the modern western diet.

We should not completely stop eating acidic food as most of the acidic diet, such as meat, eggs, fish contain fats which are required for our healthy body, but instead we should try to limit our diet by eating acidic and alkaline food in a balanced way.

In short, alkaline diet is one of the healthy alternative to neutralize even the acidic condition. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables help balancing pH levels within our body. Once acid alkaline balance is in a stable state, it can reduce daily complications arising due to acidity and hence lowers the possibility of greater and the long term risks.

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