Arteriolar Hyalinosis – Causes Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment


It is a form of cardiovascular disease which involves the  hardening of arteries of heart   and elasticity of arterioles that get lost  and the  small arteries and is associated with hypertension and endocrine disorders. Types of arteriolar hyalinosis  include the  hyaline arteriolosclerosis and hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis which are both involved with vessel  and mostly  luminal narrowing that may cause downstream ischemic injuries . These diseases are very common in today’s era due to sedentary lifestyle and changed food habits of people. In this article we will discuss all about this disease in detail and talk about ayurvedic treatment also.

Arteriolar Hyalinosis


This arteriolar hyalinosis is a disease of arteries which is frequently encountered in elderly patients. Whether normotensive or hypertensive but is more generalised and more severe in patients with generalized and more severe in patients with hypertension. The condition is also seen commonly in diabetes and forms part of the microangiography characteristic of diabetic disease. Whatever the clinical setting, the vascular lesion consists of homogenous, pink, hyaline thickening of the walls of arterioles with loss of underlying structural detail and with narrowing of the vessel lumen.

Under the electron microscope irregular thickening of basement membrane can be visualized and there is deposition of amorphous extracellular substance within the vessel wall. Often the smooth muscle cells are trapped within these deposits. Intimal and medical collagenization adds to the  hyaline changes of the arteriole walls. Presumably the chronic hydrodynamic stress of hypertension or a metabolic stress in diabetes accentuates endothelial injury, thus resulting in leakage and hyaline deposition. Whatever the pathogenesis, the narrowing of the arteriolar lumina causes impairment of the blood supply to affect organs, particularly well exemplified in the kidneys.

Thus hyaline arteriolosclerosis is a major morphological characteristic of nephrosclerosis in which the arteriolar narrowing causes diffuse renal ischemia and symmetrical contraction of the kidney . The hyperplastic type of arteriosclerosis is generally related to more acute or severe elevations of blood pressure and is therefore characteristic of malignant hypertension. This form of of arteriolar disease can be identified under the light microscope by virtue of its onion skin, concentric, laminated thickening of the walls of arterioles with progressive narrowing of the lumina.


Following are the causes of this disease

The Lesions which are  developed  in the arteries  reflect leakage of plasma components across the  vascular endothelium and excessive extracellular matrix production by smooth muscle cells which is usually secondary to hypertension. The  narrowing of the lumen of the artery decreases the renal blood flow and hence glomerular filtration rate leading to increased renin secretion and a perpetuating cycle with increasing blood pressure and decreasing kidney function.

Hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis  which  involves a very  narrow lumen. The arteries are accompanied by the fibrinoid necrosis due to hyperplastic and hypertension changes These types of changes are very prominent in the kidney and can lead to ischemia and acute kidney failures.


Following are the sign and symptoms regarding this disease

  1. Chest pain or any type of pressure that occurs with exercise or any kind of physical work
  2. Shortness of breath and fatigue this symptoms is more often present in old age pateints and is most likely occur with the pressure in left atrium and lungs
  3. Syncope fainting or passing out may affects the patients of this disease it occurs with the irregular heart rhythms and abnormal response of blood vessels and walls of heart abnormal response of blood vessels during exercise
  4. Palpitations fluttering in the chest due to abnormal heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation or tachycardia


Following are the diagnostic method for this disease

  1. Medical history
  2. Physical examination
  3. Tests include echo,chest x-rays,MRI imaging


Medications in this disease often given for to treat symptoms and prevent further complications medications such as beta blockers and calcium channel blockers that helps to relax the heart muscles and as well as vessels other medications are given to control heart rate decrease the arrhythmias antibiotic medications may also be prescribed to reduce the risk factor of infections


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This is a single herbal formulation which contains arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) . It helps in clearing blockage in the arteries and improves pumping of the heart , improves muscle strength and decreases triglycerides, cholesterol levels. This formulation shows effective results in managing conditions like Cardiac failure, angina , LVEF or numerous others.

DOSAGE- 1-2  tab once  or twice a day with lukewarm water


It contains arjuna(terminalia arjuna),ashwagandha(withania somnifera), brahmi(bacopa monnieri), shankhpushpi (convolvulus pluricaulis). It keeps blood pressure and cholesterol under control. It also helps in  giving strength to the heart and helps in cleansing of the arteries . It is very useful in many heart ailments like congestive heart failure, angina and myocardial infarction . It helps the heart to pump with better efficiency but without increasing its oxygen demand. It contains arjuna which  help in cleansing of the arteries

DOSAGE-1-2 cap twice a day with lukewarm water


It contains haridra (curcuma longa). A natural herb that acts wonderfully over all types of nephrotic syndromes ,arthritis,osteoarthritis,rheumatoid, ankylosing and psoriatic curcumun acts as the best in cases of inflammation for all organs. Curcumin is best for cases of indigestion , irritable bowel syndrome ,diarrhea and dysentery. It also works very well on skin disorders and is therefore used for skin beautifications it is well known anti ageing supplements and the patient suffering from all types of allergies diabetes, alzhimers, is known for its healing properties since the ages , used extensively for all ayurveda experts. These capsules are prepared from the standardized extract of natural herb better known as turmeric .It is natural herbal formulation. It is an ayurvedic product that works effectively in case of water retention and edema. As a result of the same the herbs help coordinate the body energies namely vata, pitta ,kafa. When these energies are not in coordination they may lead to disordered body functions and may alter the proper functioning of body systems.

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It contains guggul resin(commiphora mukul), dalchini (cinnamomum zeylanicum),bhumi amala(phyllanthus niruri),sonth(zingiber officinale) etc it is useful in lowering the cholesterol levels and reduces pain naturally. Benefit in preventing and treating atherosclerotic vascular disease that is a heart disease. It is also useful in coronary artery blockage, venous thrombosis and inflamed blood vessels. It is a very useful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herb. It is useful in lowering cholesterol levels. Guggul capsules are an effective natural pain relief and useful in all types of inflammation. Guggul is also used for the treatment of obesity. According to ayurveda, guggul can effectively treat coating and obstruction of channels that help in preventing and treating atherosclerosis and other medical conditions caused due to high levels of lipids in the body.

DOSAGE-1-2 capsules once or twice in a day with lukewarm water


Arborium Plus is given to the patient who suffers from coronary heart disease. Patients with high blood cholesterol and high  triglyceride levels are also given this herbal formulation. This medicine is also good for curing atherosclerosis of blood vessels and cerebrovascular disease . It is also recommended for aging problems in females  including arthritis and depression. It is also used as a free radical scavenger to counter pollution problems.
DOSAGE-1-2 tsp daily with lukewarm water

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