Author: Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Natural Treatment for Leucorrhoea with Herbal Remedies

leucorrhoea natural treatmentLeucorrhoea is a female reproductive disorder. This situation is also termed as “whites”. Leucorrhoea results in the discharge of white colored fluid abnormally from the female genitals. This disorder should be treated initially. Otherwise, it may eventually lead to chronic situations.

Important Causes of Leucorrhoea

The important cause of leucorrhoea is improper food habit. When the body is unable to excrete out the toxic materials from itself through the skin, bowel or kidneys, these toxins are excreted as the white fluid from the female genitals. The white colored fluid is discharged profusely by the women from the mucus membrane of their uterus and the vagina. Young women, especially, experience this situation during inter menstrual phase. This is because; the membrane and the walls of the reproductive organs during this phase get thickened. Living in unhygienic and unhealthy conditions and womb displacement are the other major causes of leucorrhoea.

Major Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

The major symptom is the vaginal discharge, which is white in color. The patient suffers from constipation, headaches and itching. Weakness, sensation of dragging in the abdomen and tiredness are some other symptoms. Other symptoms are pain in her legs and calves regions. The patient even gets black patches under the eyes when the situation becomes acute and chronic.

Planet Ayurveda has provided a perfect respite by providing the herbal remedies to get rid from Leucorrhoea.

Do's and don't's for leucorrhoea treatment

Herbal Remedies for Leucorrhoea

Some of the amazing herbal remedies for Leucorrhoea are discussed below.

Lady’s Finger

Boil 100 grams of fresh vegetables in 500 ml of water for duration of about 20 minutes. This will give rise to a decoction. The dose of 60-90 ml frequently is extremely effective to get relief from the irritable and painful conditions of the female genital organs.

Fenugreek Seeds

The fenugreek seeds should be consumed in the form of tea. Or these seeds may be consumed in cold water and simmered in a low flame for about half an hour. The decoction when strained leads to douche formation. This, if consumed by the patient, is extremely effective in treating Leucorrhoea.

Amaranth Root

The root of this plant when rubbed in 25 ml of water gives rise to a mixture. This mixture is then strained and given to patients twice daily, both in the morning and evening. This is highly effective to get rid from leucorrhoea. The leaves and the branches may also be used, if the roots of this plant are not available to treat the condition effectively.

Mango Seeds

The decoction of the decorticated form of mango kernel, if applied inside the vagina is an extremely effective way of treating leucorrhoea.

Walnut Leaves

The decoction, which is formed from the leaves of the walnut, also acts as a strong astringent. This is used in the treatment of this situation effectively.

Guava Leaves

These leaves also act as a wonderful astringent of the vaginal region. This provides an effective remedy in treating leucorrhoea.

Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Leucorrhoea

The Leucorrhoea Care Pack provided by Planet Ayurveda to the patients suffering from this disorder contains the following herbal supplements.

  • Pradrantak Churna
  • Female Support Capsules
  • Gandhak Rasayan
  • Pitta Balance

Pradrantak Churna

This Ayurvedic medicine is purely vegetarian and contains Ashok and Pushyanug Churna herbs. This supplement acts as a natural cure for the patients suffering from this disorder. It does not allow the formation of the excess fluid. Also, it acts as a wonderful astringent. It helps to soak the natural discharge, which helps in maintaining the pH balance of the vagina.

Female Support Capsules

This capsule comprises the 3 herbs, ashok, lodhra and shatavari. All these herbs have a tremendous medicinal value and help to strengthen the female reproductive system.

Gandhak Rasayan

This is yet another wonderful herbal supplement for treating leucorrhoea. It provides wonderful solutions to the skin related problems and blood purification and also aids to treat the immunity disorders.

Pitta Balance

This is a combo pack of many herbs. These are giloy satav, praval pisti, kamdhudha ras, akik pisti, mukta pisti and jawar mohra pisti. It provides a soothing sensation from the itching that occurs due to the genital disorder.

Follow the Ayurvedic treatment given by Planet Ayurveda and enjoy a blessed life.

What are Prostate Diseases and How to Deal with them

Prostate gland is a gland, which is situated right below the urinary bladder around urethra. The major role of prostate gland is while carrying out physical intercourse and urination. This gland passes through two crucial stages. One stage is during puberty, when the gland initiates to grow and the other during the age of 25, the gland further grow.

Prostate disorder is basically the enlargement of this gland abnormally. This is quite a known phenomenon, which occurs with age. Men, especially at the age of 40 experience the disorders related to prostate gland. Prostate enlargement, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, Prostatitis are the various related disorders of this gland.

Causes of Prostate Diseases

The various prostate diseases occur due to the following reasons.
The first one is age. The other prime causes are constipation, irritation or abnormal behavior of prostate gland, sitting for a long time and pressure created on the pelvic region. Too much weight gain may also result in prostate related disorders significantly.

Major Symptoms of Prostate Diseases

  • The characteristic symptoms of Prostate disorders are the following
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain after having physical intercourse
  • Pain while initiating urination
  • Discomfort
  • Infections
  • Dribbling after urination
  • Emergency of urination
  • Pain in anal region during ejaculation
  • Failure to empty the bladder completely
13 signs of prostate enlargement

Herbs to Heal the Disorder

There are a lot of naturally occurring herbs available, which help to heal the disorder effectively. These herbs have a lot of properties, which provide relief from pain, discomfort during urination. The various herbs are discussed below:

1. Varuna

It prevents the enlargement of the prostate gland. Also, helps to maintain a consistency in the rate of urine flow of the males. It eliminates the dribbling sensation and the pain. It helps to treat the various prostate related disorders effectively and has no side effects at all.

2. Kachnar

This naturally occurring herb helps to shrink the size of this gland considerably. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the inflammation of the enlarged prostate gland. It plays an effective role in treating the various prostate related disorders and infections and help to lead a healthy life.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric has curcumin. Curcumin has several medicinal properties. These include anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-biotic, antiseptic and many others. These properties help to heal the prostatic disorders and relieve discomfort and pain. It also helps to provide relief from the various signs and symptoms of the disorders related to this gland.

4. Guggul

Guggul is very important to enhance the power of physical intercourse and improving the genetic system and urinary system as well. It manages the flow of urine and controls frequent urination. It also prevents the dribbling after urination. It helps to hold the urine and eliminates the urgency of urinating. Thus, it is useful to treat various prostate related disorders.

Home Remedies to Treat Prostate Diseases

1. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds help to expel the harmful toxins and have the diuretic properties as well. They also prevent the occurrence of various related characteristic symptoms as well. This is a superb home remedy for treating prostate diseases.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds also have diuretic properties and have a lot of zinc. These enhance the power of immunity and provide relief from prostatis and other similar disorders related to prostate gland as well.

3. Water

Drink a lot of water. They eliminate the harmful materials from the body, clean the body system and keep the body healthy and fit. It is a superb home remedy for treating prostate disorders.

4. Turmeric in milk

Make habit of having half to 1 tsp of pure turmeric powder in a glass of milk to have every day. This will also help you to deal with enlarged prostate effectively.

Beside these home remedies, follow the following tips as well:-

  • Practice balanced diet
  • Limit the intake of meat and too much fatty acids
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.

Follow the various natural remedies mentioned above in detail and lead a healthy life. Get rid of the problems of Prostate related disorders and its various related signs and symptoms and live a healthy life.