Ayurvedic Aspect of Metastatic Crohn’s Disease


Metastatic Crohn’s disease is a cutaneous manifestation of Crohn’s disease and a type of inflammatory bowel disease which occurs when Crohn’s disease occurs over the skin. Itching, redness, fever, papules etc are primarily seen. In this article we will be discussing the Ayurvedic Aspect of Metastatic Crohn’s Disease and also its Ayurvedic treatment. So please be with me till the end.


Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease in which there is inflammation in the small intestine. When there is the formation of granulomatous lesions on other sites like skin etc, this condition is known as Metastatic Crohn’s disease. In this condition, there is abscess formation in the perineal or perianal region. Ulceration and fissure formation in the vulva or scrotal region is seen in patients with Metastatic Crohn’s disease. Spots are seen on the trunk region  (oval or round), itching in the skin, scrotal fissures, fever with chills, mouth ulcers, redness over the skin, papules over limbs, etc are some of the symptoms of Metastatic Crohn’s disease. Smoking, genetics, excessive usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, weak immunity, etc are some of the causes of Metastatic Crohn’s disease. A skin biopsy confirms the diagnosis of the disease. Corticosteroids, steroidal injections, antibiotics, analgesics, topical steroid creams, etc are the main line of treatment for this disorder.

Metastatic Crohn's Disease

The Ayurvedic Aspect of Disease

In Metastatic Crohn’s disease there is purishveha strotas dushti and along with this there is dushti of raktveha strotas as well as twakveha strotas. In this disease there is predominance of tri dosha but more predominance of pitta dosha. Due to this dushti of raktveha and twakveha strotas there is cutaneous manifestation over skin, ulceration in genital area, itching and redness over the affected area. Ayurveda pursues the patient’s therapeutics and also helps in refining the health of the patient with ancient methods and helps in upgrading the quality of life of the patients.

Symptoms of Metastatic Crohn’s disease

The Symptoms of Metastatic Crohn’s Disease are listed below

  • Spots are seen on the trunk region (oval or round)
  • Itching in the skin
  • Scrotal fissures
  • Fever with chills
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Redness over the skin
  • Papules over limbs

Causes of Metastatic Crohn’s disease

The causes of Metastatic Crohn’s disease are listed below:-

  • Smoking
  • Genetic
  • Excessive usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Weak immunity

Diagnosis of Metastatic Crohn’s disease

The diagnosis of Metastatic Crohn’s disease is listed below

  • Medical history
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Skin biopsy
  • Fluid sampling

Treatment of Metastatic Crohn’s Disease

The Treatment of Metastatic Crohn’s disease is listed below

  • Corticosteroids
  • Steroidal injections
  • Antibiotics
  • Analgesics
  • Topical steroid creams

Ayurvedic Treatment of Metastatic Crohn’s Disease by Planet Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicines aid in treating the disease from the root cause and also help in maintaining a healthy life. Planet Ayurveda is a globally recognized company for 20 years and all the products are manufactured under Ayurvedic board guidelines. This company provides Ayurvedic herbal formulations which are extracted from pure raw material.  The results of this herbal formulation are very promising since for 20 years and this herbal formulation that is natural herbs are 100% natural and pure vegetarian as well as are free from chemicals and additives. Planet Ayurveda provides the best quality herbal medicines with lifestyle and dietary precautions. Planet Ayurveda provides the best Ayurvedic medicines to treat the imbalanced tri dosha. Ayurvedic medicine aids in reducing the risk of recurrence of disease and causes no side effects of the treatment as it is pure plant-based extracts. Planet Ayurveda strictly follows the government guidelines for making its product the best.

The Following Herbal Remedies for Metastatic Crohn’s disease from planet Ayurveda are:-

  1. Gandhak Rasayan
  2. Neem capsules
  3. Suvarna Basant Malti Ras
  4. Pitta Balance
  5. Sanjivani Vati
  6. Belgiri Churna
  7. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath

Herbal Remedies for Metastatic Crohn's Disease

Herbal Supplements for Metastatic Crohn's Disease

Product Description

1. Gandhak Rasayan

Gandhak Rasayan is a single herbal formulation manufactured by Planet Ayurveda and consists of ingredients like Gandhak (purified sulfur). Gandhak Rasayan has the property of rejuvenation and gives luster to the skin. It is advantageous for improving the immune system and best for all skin diseases. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which assist in reducing acne-related issues and little bumps over the skin.

Dosage: – 2 tablets twice a day with lukewarm water.

2. Neem capsules

Neem capsule is the herbal formulation of Planet Ayurveda, consisting of Neem (Azadirachta indica). Neem is the best herb for skin diseases like psoriasis and acne as it contains antibacterial properties and antiprotozoal properties.  It aids in maintaining a healthy circulatory system as it helps in the pacification of pitta dosha in the body. Neem capsules assist in cleansing the impurities from the blood and detoxifying the body.

Dosage: – 1 capsule twice a day with plain water after a meal.

3. Suvarna Basant Malti Ras

Suvarna Basant Malti Ras is a classical Ayurvedic formulation that assists in pacifying the Vata and Kapha dosha in the body. Suvarna Basant Malti Ras aids in relieving cold bronchitis and even tuberculosis. Major ingredients of Suvarna Vasant Malti Ras are Suvarna bhasma, Mukta bhasma, Marich (Piper Nigrum), Gandhak (sulfur), etc.

Dosage: – 1 tablet once daily to be chewed after a meal.

4. Pitta Balance

Pitta balance is a polyherbal capsule formation prepared by Planet Ayurveda and this capsule formation contains Praval pishti (coral calcium), JaharMohra Pishti, kamdudha ras , akik pishti, Giloy satva, Mukta pishti etc . It aids in the pacification of pitta dosha in the body. Pitta balance is beneficial in reducing burning sensation in the body, purifying the blood, and helping in reducing mouth ulcers, etc.

Dosage: – 1 capsule twice a day after a meal with plain water.

5. Sanjivani Vati

Sanjivani Vati is a polyherbal tablet formulation that consists of Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Pippali (Piper longum), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), etc. Sanjivani Vati aids in reducing fever as it has antipyretic properties. This tablet formulation also aids in the cessation of ama dosha in the body and helps digestion and absorption of food.

Dosage: – 1 tablet twice a day, chew it.

6. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath

Mahamanjishthadi Kwath consists of Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia), Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum), Bharangi (Clerodendrum serratum), Vacha (Acorus calamus), etc. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath aids in purifying the blood and is also advantageous in skin-related issues like eczema etc. This kwath also assists in the pacification of pitta dosha in the body and is also beneficial in improving skin complexion.

Dosage: – 2 teaspoons twice daily after a meal.

7. Belgiri Churna

Belgiri churna is a single herbal powder formulation that consists of Bilva (Aegle marmelos). Belgiri churna assists in reducing inflammation and ulcers in the intestine. This churna helps in digestion-related issues and is also advantageous in gastritis problems. Belgiri churna is also effective in diarrhea-related issues.

Dosage: – 1 teaspoon twice daily after a meal with lukewarm water.

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In this article, we discussed Metastatic Crohn’s disease, and also the Ayurvedic Treatment of Metastatic Crohn’s disease. Ayurveda pursues the patient’s therapeutics and also helps in refining the health of the patient with ancient methods and helps in upgrading the quality of life of the patients. Hence, stated Ayurvedic medicines from Planet Ayurveda are very productive as they help in treating the disorder and are free from any preservatives and other chemical agents that hamper your health. All the herbal formulations are purely vegetarian and made up of 100% naturally transpire organic herbs.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan


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