Ayurvedic Remedies And Yoga Tips For Osteoporosis

Fed up of osteoporosis? Try yoga

Is it back ache or neck pain? Often concerned about your stooped posture, are you? Do your bones tend to ache while you move or do your chores? Maybe then you should read this. Have you heard about osteoporosis or are you an osteoporosis diagnosed patient? If at all you are or have the above-mentioned symptoms, then probably life must be a little hard for you since the manifestations have begun; isn’t it? Well, no use in looking back to the days instead let us help you tackle with a more innovative and soothing technique which is yoga! Many of them might have already heard it’s wonderful benefits for osteoporosis sufferers. Check out more on osteoporosis.

Know About Osteoporosis In Brief

This skeletal condition of weakening of bones is often found in women. The bones get very weak, brittle and as well as easily prone to fractures. Making itself the major reason for fractures in the elderly, it mainly affects the hip, spine and forearm. Decreased levels of estrogen are the reason behind the high ratio of osteoporosis among women while men having gradual progesterone reduction are less prone to this.

Symptoms And Causes Include

Though it comes with very less visible symptoms at the beginning, moderately starts showing few of them and fractures are the major and common one among those. Slight hits or compressions on body parts, tiny bruises etc. leads to sudden fractures. These fractures might depend on various factors to get healed, this mainly because due to this condition by now your bones would have become more fragile. Your bones undergo continuous resumption till young age, the later bone life depends on the bone strength you have already attained. Bad or poor investment on this bone sturdiness is one reason behind osteoporosis in later life. Deficiency of calcium and vitamin-D is a reason for bone density loss. Thyroid conditions and associated idle body stature are one among the causes. Other hormonal conditions related to any medications are observed as causes too.


Yoga And Body Health

Yoga is a holistic practice that focuses on both physical and mental health of a person. It rejuvenates your body cells to make it ready for the external environment. Yoga includes stretching, bending and various types of expansions of one’s body while doing poses like in asanas. It gets your body to breathe and so to regulate proper blood circulation during pranayamas which actually in turn helps reach calcium and sulphur ions to the bony parts correctly. All these ensure good bone and muscle strength.

How Does Yoga Help You Battle Osteoporosis

Weakened bone density is the main symptom or more accurately, the problem that accompanies osteoporosis. So, all of the sufferers undergo the risk of bone breakage or fractures every time when something even small happens to the body. However, yoga has got your back! Want to know how?  Well, the bone strength depends on its internal structure and hence the alignment of the bone cells present internally is very important. Yoga has got that power to stimulate the constituents of bone tissues through the poses and stretches. It helps bone to breathe through and makes it flexible.

Muscles constitute the foremost supporting group for the skeletal system and during conditions like these, they have to handle the limitations of the bones. Yoga helps you to burn calories and build body muscles. Also, many of the movements that come under yoga aid in synchronizing the chemistry between the bones and muscles. Along with breathing that takes place, it helps the body in strengthening its supportive tissues like muscles and bones. Hence yoga without exception coordinates bones, muscles, joints by providing the sturdiness to each of the elements. That’s how yoga is considered as the better option for strength training.

Introduce Yourself  To Yoga

As it is known to everyone, yoga comprises asanas and pranayamas. Some of the poses (asanas) which focuses on bone strength includes

  • Virabhadrasana: also known as the warrior pose includes strengthening the chest and shoulder regions.
  • High plank pose: it strengthens your leg bones and muscles and hence the best to tackle fatigue and pain to the legs. As it also focuses on back and core strength, it also aids in maintaining the body posture.
  • Bird dog pose: In bird dogs, you can extend and neutralise your spine while strengthening your arms, legs, and core.
  • Adho mukha svanasana: This traditional posture basically strengthens the arms and legs. It promotes excellent posture of the body by encouraging body alignment.
  • Trikonasana: also known as the triangle posture, it is a great way to strengthen and extend your chest and core.
  • Vrksasana: The back and leg muscles are all strengthened in tree position. It enhances stability, balance, and as well as body posture.
  • Bananasana: With this gentle side bend, we can improve spinal flexibility which is a necessity when it comes to osteoporosis.
  • Camel pose: This high variant of camel posture is a gentle backbend that gradually makes the thoracic spine to bend inwards which is beneficial for persons with osteoporosis who are starting to round their upper backs.
  • Shavasana: We can relax in savasana as the ground’s support aids us in finding ideal spinal alignment. For osteoporosis one should avoid hugging their knees in or having a happy baby before savasana because these poses circle the back, which is not recommended for fragile bones.

Reminders To Keep Things Safe

Though all yoga asanas help you strengthen your body, certain varieties of yogic poses are better for treating osteoporosis. Practice mild, low-impact yoga such as restorative yoga. Strenuous yoga forms including ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga should be avoided. It’s better to do a little yoga every day than a few larger sessions per week. Every day, try to do at least 15 minutes of yoga and gradually increase the duration of your sessions from 30 to 50 minutes per day.

“To unite” is what yoga means and exercises. Attractive advantages, routine and of course the heterogeneity in the poses have always attracted people to yoga. Are you a yogi or a yoga admirer? Or haven’t even tried this yet? Then Ayurveda highly recommends you and is ready to guide you here. Keep your bones stronger like you were in your teenage years, adopt yoga against osteoporosis.


Dr. Vikram Chauhan


Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD - Ayurveda) is the CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. He is Author of the Book "Ayurveda – God’s Manual For Healing". He is an Ayurveda Expert Serving People worldwide through all the Possible Mediums, Operating from Main Branch in Mohali, India. With his Vast Experience in Herbs and their Applied Uses, he is successfully treating Numerous Patients suffering from Various Ailments with the help of Purest Herbal Supplements, Diet, and Lifestyle, according to the Principles of Ayurveda. For More Details, visit www.PlanetAyurveda.com.

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