Ayurvedic Treatment of Hiccup

What is a Hiccup ? Why Do We Hiccup 

Hiccups or otherwise known as singultus roughly translated as ‘arresting of breath while crying’ is characterized by sudden involuntary contraction , also known as spasm of the diaphragm and simultaneous shutting of the vocal cords thereby producing the peculiar rhythmic ‘hic’ sound! Muscular diaphragm rests on the chest base and disconnects the abdomen from the same , and assists in breathing.

Hiccup is the ‘Indicator’ of Your Body So Make Sure You Take That Turn

A hiccup most commonly emanates from overeating as well as drinking, gorging on food, associated irritation of nerves of the diaphragm ,fluctuating temperature and pressure , stress and excitement etc. However hiccups are presented along with brain tumors, stroke ,poisonous gas inhalation, severe kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, hernia , hiatus as well.

Usually hiccups are generated in a rhythmical fashion and may leave us in discomfort as well as annoyance and disappear  on its own within 5-10 minutes. Care must be given in case of lengthened hiccups, accompanied with any sort of abdominal discomfort, an irritating throat or if it disrupts your sleeping cycle or normal routines.

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68 Years of Hiccup

It must be surprising to know there lived a man , Charles Osborne who had hiccups for 68 long years! Many experiments were tried on Charles Osborne , and none of them negated the hiccups leaving the doctors baffled!

Someone is Missing You Right Now

This phrase is not alien to any of us who’ve had bouts of hiccups in a public place and being told the same in order to cut the awkward tension created ! What are other sayings related to hiccups we’ve come through? An eerily yet funny superstition related to hiccups stems from an old wives tale which regards hiccups as a signal to someone talking about you in a negative way!

The scary superstitions don’t stop there ,another belief is that hiccups signify the presence of a living  Satan in the body , whoa , now we know who to blame! Hiccups were dearly addressed as hickok , yox, hichkock etc , clearing us of the way hiccup got baptized! Another bizarre theory involves the sea! Yes you heard it right ! This theory is suggestive of how our ‘fishy ancestors’ and evolution comes into play, and is initiated by a motor reflex inherited from our amphibian grandfathers!

Let’s Consider an Ayurvedic Sneak Peak into Hiccups

In Ayurveda , hiccups is labelled as ‘hikka roga’ and regards it as a major indicative of several concealed disorders and it is duly dreaded by many , Ayurveda also considers hikka(hiccup) as a correlation to kasa and swasa in terms of uniform etiology and similarity in origin.

Let’s follow some authentic herbal remedies rather than ensuing internet- myths with no due scientific backing to it.

Abdominal Bloating

  • Asafoetida:- commonly found in our Indian households, asafoetida fried for about 10-20 seconds blended with a teaspoon of ghee and a dash of salt  consumed with buttermilk once or twice daily. A combination of asafoetida, black pepper and black salt rectifies hiccups.
  • Food and Drinks:- for those who are troubled by constant bouts of hiccups, the diet should be prepared by infusing black pepper, long pepper , salt, asafoetida , ghee and ginger.
  • Nasya:- administration of saline drops -( a pinch of salt dissolved in about 5 tablespoons of water) on an empty stomach alleviates hiccups.
  • Dhumapana:- dhumapana is known as inhalation of smoke , the wick is specially  put together by ghee ,cinnamon leaves and turmeric .
  • Ajaksheera:(Goat Milk) refined with sugar and ginger can be administered.
  • Liquorice barks with an equivalent quantity of honey and 10-12 drops of ghee served with a glass of water.
  • For children : let a teaspoon of sugar dissolve onto their tongue slowly.
  • Yoghurt and salt :  blend them together and administer it in order to cure hiccuping.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Let’s alter some of the lifestyle and dietary regimen in order to suit a hiccup free life!

  • Abstain from extremely cold or hot food or drinks, aerated , carbonated as well.
  • Keep away spicy foods, ice creams etc.
  • Decreasing the intake of alcohol and fasting is not recommended.
  • Exercise and practicing yoga ,stressing on pranayama aids in no trouble due to hiccups.
  • Regulation of emotional stress or extreme excitement.

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Choose Ayurveda, choose a Healthy Lifestyle!

Ayurveda helps you in holding onto a disease free , healthy lifestyle and it’s comprehensive lifestyle and dietary regime keeps your body in check and ensures the overall  well being of the individual

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