Best home remedies for water retention

Human body is made up of 70% of water. In the human body around 50% body fat contains water, also 75% of muscle tissues are made up of water. Due to any reason if there is increase in the water retention in the body, it can be alarm to many health problems. This condition is also named as edema, in which a medical term given to the excessive water retention. This water retention can be removed by various techniques, but the best thing we can do to use home remedies for the reduction in water retention.


There may be many reasons for the water retention, some are as below

  • Unbalanced diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Overuse of drugs
  • Dehydration
  • Menopause
  • Many diseases like Thyroid, Arthritis etc.
  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney disorders
  • Excessive use of salt and sugar in diet
  • Lack of potassium, vitamins, calcium, proteins and amino acids in diet


To analyze the condition of water retention, we can correlate the following symptoms

  • Puffy face
  • Problem in opening eyes, due to swelling during wakeup time in the morning
  • Bloated feeling
  • Swelling in the body like face and other parts of the body
  • Swelling in joints and adjacent area, like ankles, hands, wrists and feet

Home cures for water retention treatment

1. Garlic to address water retention

The use of garlic can help in getting rid of water retention, as it is the effective natural diuretic food. It is known for removing toxins and excess water from the body. It is known for breaking down the fat molecules as well, which helps in reducing the fat content and hence fights against obesity.

2. Consume more water

To remove water retention from the body, you need to drink lots of water. In routine life a person should at least drink 8 glasses of water per day. Also the consumption of water should be even over the day. The proper time gap should be there in between the water intake. If a person does not maintain this gap and drink too much water in the short period of time, he/she can suffer of water poisoning or hyper hydration. If a person can take water which is purified of dehydrating salt or minerals, can be more effective.

3. Reduce salt intake

The water retention is more in those people who use to consume more salt. Salt attributes to the high level of water retention and leads to the clogging in the water tissue. If you will avoid salt for few days there will be decrease in the water retention in the body. If a person can reduce salt consumption to as less as 0.5 grams for a few days, can help him to get rid of the water retention. If you are avoiding salt, you can use herbs and spices instead of it.

4. Reduction in the sugar intake

Sugar is a big factor behind the most common metabolic disorder named diabetes, due to which the body suffers a lot. It increases the general insulin level and results in the decrease of body’s ability to digest sodium. This leads to the accumulation of excessive salt in the body, which contributes to water retention. So we can say, sugar indirectly aggravate the in water retention. So getting rid of increase in the blood sugar the person should avoid excessive sweet cakes, candies, soda, cookies and sugary cereals.

5. Use of natural diuretic

Naturally available diuretic can be used or consumed to reduce the water retention in the body. Diuretic medicines available in the market are helpful in reducing the water retention, but these possess lots of side-effects of these drugs and are often prescribed to those who are from excessive water retention. Natural diuretics can be used instead of diuretic medicines. Some natural diuretics are as below

Cranberry juice can be used as natural diuretic, it can be consumed anytime a day. It is very refreshing and can be used in liberal quantities to getting rid of water retention.

Cabbage is very effective natural diuretic. Leaves of cabbage can be used in salad or can be chew directly to get best result. It is the best home remedy to reduce the water retention. Some other natural diuretics are celery, celery seed, green tea, tea leaf, fennel, nettle, dandelion, apple cider vinegar, parsley and juniper berries, which are known as effective home remedies to reduce water retention.

6. Exercise or physical workout

To stay healthy, physical activity is very important to add in routine life. The excess water reduction can be easily done by exercising. Some exercises like or playing tennis, badminton, walking, running and cycling, increase the physical activity and results in the loss of excessive water accumulation in the body. Along with water, exercises expel all the toxins, salts and other wastes out from the body. Exercises can also help in reducing blood sugar, burn fats and balance the metabolic system.

7. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol though an initial diuretic, turns into a potent cause of dehydration. This forces the body to retain even more water. Replace alcohol intake it herbal teas or green tea, which are known diuretics without negative side effects.

8. Potassium rich food

Water retention can also be because of lack of potassium in the body. The use of some fruits or vegetables rich in potassium can be used to reduce the excess water from the body. The use of banana is the best to reduce the problem of water retention in the body, because it is the richest source of the potassium. Some other names are; strawberries, raisins, apricot, blackberries, peaches, spinach, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, oranges, raspberries and apples.

9. Herbal tea

The regular use of herbal teas can be effective in reducing the water retention from the body. These are diuretic in nature and help in removing the excess water from the body. The use of herbal teas can prevent a person from many diseases and also are safe with no side-effects.

10. High water content foods

The consumption of foods with high water content can also be helpful in reducing water content from the body. The list of fruits or vegetables with high water content is as follows; cucumbers, artichokes, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes, watercress, asparagus, cabbage, oats, sprouts and carrots. These fruits and vegetables are rich in water content and can be helpful in preventing many disorders in the body. The above mentioned home remedies can be effective to reduce the water content from the body. These are helpful in reducing swelling and other disorders related to the water retention.

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