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How to Relieve Insomnia without Medication?-Sleeping Disorder


Recently, it was discovered that due to high competition, stress has started spreading its wings; the one thing that is shortening is a nice sleep with sweet dreams. This lack of sleep process is called insomnia. Every individual comes under stress at one time or another during his/her lifetime. Don’t lose sleep over it; better handle the situation more tactfully. Just think

  • There is a key to every problem
  • A relief for every worry,
  • A light for every shadow,
  • A plan for every tomorrow

The moment you get out of bed, lack of sleep will certainly disturb your daily routine, making you more angry and irritable. The first thing that you think is run to a doctor and asks him/her to provide you a medicine that can make you go to sleep soundly. He/she might give you some tablets, which do make you go to sleep soundly initially, but their side effects are hazardous in the long run.

Insomnia happens due to depression and low quality of life. Insomnia further leads us to stress, frustration, exhaustion, hopelessness and cause Alzheimer’s disease. But don’t panic, today we are going to discuss some natural remedies, if followed precisely, these remedies will help you reduce your insomnia fever and ultimately you can enjoy a sound sleep.

Depression Herbal Remedies

What are the Reasons for Insomnia and how to cure them naturally?

Avoid Daytime Naps

  • People usually rest a little after having lunch, if you take a rest on your bed, you are bound to go to sleep. Don’t think that you are catching the sleep you missed yesterday night. If you dodge your afternoon nap, it will make you fall asleep sooner than you usually go to sleep and will maintain the sleep in a better way.

Eradicate taking alcoholic, caffeine drinks and nicotine:

  • Caffeine has long effects, say 24 hours, so the chance of getting sound sleep diminish. It not only decreases sleep but frequently wakes in the night many times and you don’t get a chance to enjoy a sound sleep again.
  • Alcohol might be sedative for the first a few hours, but it awakes you in the middle of the night and you keep turning, but the sleep never returns. If you are suffering from asthma problems, better ask your doctor when to take the air through the inhaler, which will minimize any affect on your sleep. So avoid these things and you will get a sound sleep within a few days.

Embrace a daily schedule:

  • Try to fix a time when you should hit the bed and at what time you have to wake up. It should be a precise time and don’t keep changing it every third day. Sometimes you don’t feel like waking up, due to one reason or another, but never give up this schedule. Initially, it may look difficult, but later on you will realize its virtues. Do not alter your precise schedule on weekends also, can change a little bit, not exceeding 1 hour. After a few days you will go to sleep soundly.

Begin Exercise Regularly:

  • When you begin exercising regularly, your body releases endorphins that help in reducing stress. When stress escapes from your mind, it invites better quality and deep sleep. You must do the cardiovascular exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, such as walking, jogging, biking or swimming. Try doing it in the mornings as endorphins causes the brain stimulation, if these exercises are done within 3 hours of sleep.

Exercise Regularly

Restrict your bedroom activities:

  • Beds are made for your sleeping and having sex, don’t spoil their reputation by watching TV, working on your laptop or mobile, listening to the radio or any audio device or reading. Then it becomes difficult for the brain to shut down, by the time you are between the sheets. So, better do all these activities outside your bedroom and leave them over there when you return to your bedroom. It will make you sleep profusely.

Make Sleep Comfortable:

  • Make the bedroom a comfortable zone that has a normal temperature, lighting that you are comfortable in and avoid noise. Control all these and you can have a nice and deep sleep, which makes you a smart person the next morning. If you are having a pet in your bedroom, better shift it in another corner of your house, because it can also disturb you while you are sleeping by making some noise.

Eradicate all worries:

  • Get all your worries over before you hit the bed. Don’t make any plans about tomorrow. It will be better if you can fix a schedule to make plans for tomorrow only after the dinner, fix a permanent time. The idea is to stop worrying about tomorrow when you are about to fall asleep.
  • It will be better to make a list of the jobs about tomorrow, right after you close your office. At least it eliminates some worries. These are very small things, but if taken care of in a précised manner, can reduce your worries to a great extent. You can enjoy having a nice sleep.

Decrease Stress:

  • There are many stresses reducing therapies that are available in the market these days, which help in relaxing the mental and physical condition of the body. Some of them are the muscle relaxing with audio devices, deep breathing techniques, meditation and yoga etc. All these therapies make you fall sound sleep when you return to your bedroom.

Have the dinner earlier before you hit the bed:

  • Eating right before you hit the bed or having snacks can delay your sleep time as it keeps the digestive system working. If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux, avoid eating as it can deteriorate your condition.
  • Even drinking lots of fluids, keeps your bladder busy, frequenting your visits to the toilet, interrupting your sleep.

All these home remedies are there to make you enjoy a sound sleep in a tranquilized environment. Better make these tips habitual, so that you need not worry about anything and enjoy your sleep. Don’t go to a doctor to get medical health in eradicating this insomnia. His/her medicine can have lots of side effects.

How to Treat Neurasthenia in Ayurveda ?


The word ‘change’ means prosperity is coming, due to the ever changing world people mostly come under pressure to do the needful for your families. People started migrating from villages to the big cities to earn better and make life more comfortable. Earlier people used to live in the farms, close to the nature and eat what they grew themselves and had a life without much worries. The modern world saw a drastic change, from farms they shifted to multi-storey buildings. A new arena got opened by various magazines, consumer goods, TV, radio and movies. They felt the world in a vibrating mode outside their respective doors. They seemed to acquire everything, as ‘everybody wants to rule the world’, but couldn’t lay their hands on most of the things. So the troubles brewed up. Lots of experts made people suggest different ways to find vim, vigor and vitality back. Many people were cheated by many leading to depression and neurasthenia getting famous in the public.


People felt that this hectic schedule was making them sick with symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, depression, frequent headaches, females experienced a pain in their menstrual system and males felt getting impotent and feeling weak etc. All these multiple symptoms were given a particular name, "neurasthenia". Some people didn’t get used to these symptoms, they were living in a world of illusions. They too did lose their passion and felt lazy or lethargic and did get agitated and anxious at little happenings.


While its cause could not be traced and nobody considers it as an officially recognized disease, but the fact is that this psycho-physical condition does exist. In modern neurasthenia mostly the patients just complain about the weakness and fatigue, further deteriorating the efforts to reach a conclusion. Mostly such people are seen getting the tonics to make them come out of this tiredness. Instead of psychiatric ward they can be seen roaming in the general wards, making the life of psychiatric doctors miserable.

There are various different causes for the outbreak of neurasthenia

  • If you work a little too hard physically
  • If you put more pressure on your brains
  • If you indulge in having sex more than necessary
  • When you become fanatically possessive
  • If you get sick for a long time
  • Negative thinking and consuming the wrong food
  • If your food lacks minerals and vitamins, can make you a nervous disorder.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Neurasthenia

Ayurveda has a long history of terminating many ailments. The herb called Brahmi is famous for being a brain booster. It can be found in any part of the globe, from sea level to 4400ft above sea level. Mostly it mushrooms in wetlands, marshes and land having shallow water. It has a mixture of bitter cum sweet taste, but it cools down the body impartially. Mostly it is used as a memory booster, stimulates the sexual desires and is a tonic for staying healthy. It has a feature that makes you cool and not lose the temperament and makes you think smartly and radically.

When your brains are relaxed you don’t show any symptom of neurasthenia. Now you have the sound sleep in your hands. That means you have found a cure. Brahmi can prove to be a boost for your healthy living.

1. Ashwaghanda Capsules

Ashwaghanda Capsules is another herbal remedy, which heals you from a dreaded disease called neurasthenia. You might not feel the effects of this disease, but if you are ready to heal it quickly, it is much better. You might feel lethargic, lazy and get tired soon while performing a physical task. It is famous for reducing stress of any kind. Better opt for Ashwaghanda Capsules, Ashwaghanda Powder and Medhya Churna. It has been found that it hinders the path of stress in the brains by a chemical reaction. It is helpful in eliminating the effects of stress and anxiety by 69%, a study was conducted and the results are the facts. It diminishes the anxiety and stress of both humans and animals.


It can also eradicate the depression phenomena. It also stimulates the aphrodisiac feeling in men. After experimenting with a few men it did help in enhancing the testosterone and anti-oxidant levels of the blood. Their sperm quality also improved manifold. Now they can become proud fathers, because their fertility shows an upward trend.

2. Stress Support

Stress Support is another remedy for people who falls under tension, the reason can be anything. It contains adaptogens, nutrients and herbal extracts, which help you reach a wise decision, even if you are under some stress, in your daily chores. If you find your mood not acting in a positive manner, whether you are in school, home or office, Stress Support is the best remedy for you.  


Stress support can encourage a man for reacting instantly. In modern times no one has the time to wait. Stress Support is just made like that, it boosts your reaction time as it makes the brain bright, best, blazing, sparkling and shiny. It begins reacting instantly and because it is bright, it takes the right decisions that are suitable for all. Thus it can make you popular in the public. Its ingredients makes the whole body totally alert all the time and you feel proud to have Stress Support in your diet schedule.

Stress Support makes you passionate enough that it will take a lot of time to get you infuriated, so it just keeps you calm and take all the decisions in a radical way. Ayurveda takes the chance to make it a remedy which has natural formula that pays off in the long run. It has the ingredients that keeps you fit 100% fine all your life.

It will be much better to see life with a positive attitude, as goes a saying ‘think positive and you have won half the battle.’ If you still need a medicine or anything that makes you feel better, Stress Support is a natural answer for all your problems. Include it in your diet and see the world around you alter.