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Home Remedies for Gas / Flatulence


Gas or flatulence is a common part of our daily metabolism. Passing gas through anus is as important as passing stools regularly.

All the people pass approximately 10- 14 times of gas per day. So, no one escapes this embarrassing reality. Gas that is non –smelly and passed at regular intervals without any bloating is absolutely normal.

But when due to any reason the amount of gas produced increases and it is also accompanied by severe bloating of abdomen, burping and stinky smell, something needs to be done.

The cause of smell is the presence of sulfur compounds in the air expelled that are produced as a result of the fermentation of the undigested food that is accumulating in the intestines.

It may be a result of over eating or a faulty metabolism. In either case, strict measures need to be taken to avoid similar embarrassing situations in the future.

Here we bring to you quick home remedies to relieve bloating of the abdomen.


Take 1 -2 teaspoon full of fennel seeds and consume them after meals. It is a great digestive and helps to relieve the bad smell of the fart. It can secondarily work as an ideal mouth freshener.

You can alternatively soak them in your normal drinking water. Consume this water daily instead of the normal plain water to get long lasting results.


Take 2 – 3 g of thyme seeds and consume with water. Take this two to three times per day, preferably half an hour after meals.

This is a sure shot way to neutralize the excess vata in the intestines.


Yoghurt is a very effective herbal remedy for all kinds of digestive problems. It is a natural probiotic that replenishes the intestinal flora which is responsible for maintaining a healthy digestion.

Yoghurt can be consumed as a part of the daily meal. Be cautious to use yoghurt preferably in breakfast or lunch hours only. Consuming yoghurt or its products at night can cause worsening of symptoms, and water retention in the body.


This is another delicious home remedy that you can try at home to relieve bloating.

Take a glass of fresh buttermilk, which has a sweet taste and is not too sour. Mix a pinch of salt and even smaller amounts of Asafetida + caraway seeds to the glass and drink at least 2 – 3 times per day.

This is a great digestive drink which not only improves the digestion but also helps to effectively reduce flatulence.


Take equal amounts of dried ginger powder, black pepper and rock salt and mix well. Consume this mixture, two – three times per day, preferable before meals.

Ginger and black pepper are both great at improving the digestion and reducing gas and flatulence.


Take 2 -3 table spoon full of fresh onion juice and mix it with a pinch of turmeric. This should be consumed on an empty stomach.

Make sure that there is a gap of at least half an hour between the juice and meals.

Turmeric and onion both fight the fermenting toxins and neutralize them to prevent the formation of excessive gas in the large intestines that results in flatulence.


Lie down straight on a yoga mat spread evenly on the floor. Lift your legs and fold them to bring them close to your stomach and abdomen.

You can hold the legs with your hands and stay in this position for some time.

Do this for 30 seconds and then repeat a few more times.

Regular practice of this asana helps to relieve the excess gas accumulated in the stomach on a daily basis.


Take half a tea spoon full of cinnamon powder and boil it in a glass of water.

Let this mixture cool down until lukewarm and drink it once to twice daily half an hour to one hour before meals.

Cinnamon is a great vata neutralizer which effectively enhances digestion and relieves the gas or flatus.


Take half a lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water. Add one to two tablespoonful of honey to it and drink this mixture on an empty stomach every morning.

You can also repeat it once or twice during the day. It works wonderfully to soften a hard and bloated abdomen.


Make mint an integral part of your diet. You can garnish you food with fresh mint leaves every day.

Alternatively, you can prepare a decoction of the mint leaves and consume it one or two times daily.

You can also chew a few mint leaves and incorporate it in your salads.

Effective Herbal Medicine for Ulcerative Colitis

The large intestine is also known as colon in the human body. It stores waste products before excretion, which is very important function of the digestive system. The condition of ulcerative colitis leads to the inflammation in colon, which disturb the excretion process and affect the body’s metabolism. The inflammation or ulcers originates on the inner linings of the colon, which is very painful obstruction for passing of stool.

ulcerative colitis

This problem can lead into severe rectal bleeding, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The problem can enhance and convert into chronic condition, which can last for years. The experts believes that ulcerative colitis probably occurs due to abnormal activity of the immune system which acts on the intestines, but the actual cause of ulcerative colitis is not known.

Causes of ulcerative colitis

Immune system malfunction can be the other cause, when it is fighting against virus or bacteria, it can attack the cells of digestive tract due to an abnormal immune response and can cause ulcerative condition.

Heredity is the major cause, if parent or sibling are affected by this disease the chances of ulcerative colitis in that person is more. But in many cases of ulcerative colitis there is no family history observed.

Stress and diet can aggravate the condition of ulcerative colitis but they cannot be the causing factor of this disease. May be the reason in some cases to worsen the symptoms when someone having it.

Symptoms of ulcerative colitis

  • Loss of appetite and Weight loss
  • Acidity
  • Anemia
  • Skin lesions
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Retarded growth in children
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea with blood or pus

Herbal remedies for ulcerative colitis

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Cap. Pitta Balance

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Kutajghan Vati

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Cap. Pitta Balance

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Kutajghan Vati

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The care pack of Planet Ayurveda provide a best collections of medicines can be the treatment of various types of ulcerative colitis. This pack possess the special herbal remedies like Pitta balance, Vatsakadi churna, Kutajghana Vati and Arjuna, which are known as most effective herbal remedies for ulcerative colitis. These are known for healing the colon and provides relief against the conditions like pain, diarrhea and inflammation.

The ulcerative colitis care pack is explained as below:-

1. Pitta Balance

Pitta is the body’s energy, which is responsible for proper digestion, metabolism and converting the complex molecules into the simpler ones. So to maintain the body’s proper metabolism in ulcerative colitis, the control on pitta and agni is very important, to avoid the burning sensation and bloody diarrhea. The product Pitta Balance consists of various pistis like mukta and prawal pisti in combination with giloy, which makes this formulation helpful to balance pitta and reduce the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

2. Arjuna Capsules

Arjuna capsules can be used as a dietary supplement and are very effective against the increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems and triglycerides. The bark extracts of arjuna tree is used to prepare these capsules. The antioxidants of arjuna is helpful in removing the toxins from the body. It helps in maintaining proper metabolic functions and staying healthy. The bark of arjuna bark is rich in zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. This also possess the properties of anti-dysenteric and anti-inflammatory.

3. Vataskadi Churna

Vataskadi churna is made up of the best quality of vatsak and also contains bilva, saunf, elaiachi, dhaniya, jayaphala and anar in it. These all herbs in combination leads to the formation of a potent remedy to reduce the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. These symptoms can be burning sensation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and also is helpful in improving the functions of intestines. It is helpful against the constipation, improves digestion and bowel movement. It also prevent diarrhea.

4. Kutaz Ghan Vati

The extracts of Kutaz herb is used in the formulation of Kutza Ghan Vati, which is very important remedy against the problem of ulcerative colitis. This medicine is useful for the problems like diarrhea, dysentery, bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.

How to take these medicines?

  1. Arjuna Capsules: Take 2 capsules twice daily with water after meal.
  2. Kutazghan Vati : Take 2 tablets twice daily with water after meal.
  3. Vatsakadi Churna: Take 1 tablespoonful twice daily with water after meal.
  4. Pitta Balance: Take 1 capsule twice daily with water after meal.

The most effective herbal remedies for ulcerative colitis are explained in the present article, which are the formulation of Planet Ayurveda. Planet Ayurveda offers variety of health supplements for various diseases, which can be helpful for living a healthy life. The vast product range with the assurance of 100% natural and pure products, has led Planet Ayurveda to be world famous. The products are formulated in completely hygienic conditions, with the complete quality check measures.

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