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7 Merits and Demerits of Garcinia Cambogia fruit

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the key ingredients used in most naturopathic supplements for weight loss today. Though originally it is an herbaceous plant and its fruit part is basically used for weight loss, but it has been very commonly used nowadays for its properties that aid in rapid and natural weight loss.The main reason behind the much claimed miraculous effects of Garcinia Cambogia fruit is HCA (Hydrxy citric acid). HCA is the major fruit extract that is responsible for making people thinner with its use.

But as we all know, there are side effects and disadvantages of all good things in the world, here we will throw light upon 7 merits and demerits of Garcinia Cambogia fruit in detail.

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Merits of Garcinia Cambogia:

Garcinia Cambogia fruit is a very good and natural appetite suppressant which is not a new found plant at all. People in South – East Asia, especially Malaysia have been using this fruit as part of many of their Malaysian delicacies for years.

It helps in rapid shrinkage of fat cells in the body and also prevents the formation of new ones. In turn, Garcinia Cambogua fruit or products containing its standardized and authentic extracts can help people shed bulk weight at a very good pace.

In addition to its weight loss potential, Garcinia hasmany other health benefits also. It is a great detox plant which helps improve Liver function. It helps reduce free radicals in the body which have a very harmful impact at cellular level. Free radicals actually oxidize our body cells to neutralize their negative charge and in turn disturb the chemical composition of our cell’s internal as well as external environment. Consuming fruits like Garcinia and other similar antioxidants can help us in protecting our body right up to the cellular level preventing the development of any harmful diseases.

For patients with ulcers and other gastric problems, Garcinia is a very good natural substitute. Although there are a plethora of other natural supplements for this problem but since, obesity has been frequently found to be linked with disrupted gut functions and digestive problems, Garcinia is one in many solutions for such people.

Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia fruit has a very delicious flavour which makes it an exception. It has a very sweet taste which can ideally not be correlated with weight loss. That is why Garcinia is something that will satisfy the taste buds as well as keep your weight loss program ticking as well.

The best part of using Garcinia is that there are no rebound weight gain problems. This is in part because of the fact that the weight loss process is more lifestyle based than just taking Garcinia as a supplement. This means that after a while people not only lose weight but also develop healthy lifestyle changes that can help them maintain their weight for a longer period of time.

Garcinia is not a rich man’s medicine; its prices are quite affordable and it is not an exotic plant to be looked out for. It’s easy availability especially in India, Africa and South – East Asia makes it a fair deal to invest in.

Demerits of Garcinia Cambogia

The down side of using Garcinia are not so frivolous but still exist. The biggest problem is commercialization. People are using its name for making odd ends meet and in turn the effectiveness of the products containing Garcinia is increasingly becoming questionable. This is why common people have a hard time in looking for the best Garcinia product which can actually help them.

Another problem is lifestyle. It is important to know that Garcinia is an herbal supplement and not a replacement for a good diet plan and lifestyle modifications. People think that if they are taking weight loss medications, then it will work wonders for them without them having to sweat at all on their part. Nothing beats a good diet plan and a healthy lifestyle, not even Garcinia.

In spite of so much research and documentation conducted over this plant, there is a large stratum of scientists who absolutely discard Garcinia’s potential and therefore, discourage its use. The truth is there is still a lot more to be found than writing off this herbal supplement which has great potential to help mankind in more ways than one.

Another very common problem with the usage of good Garcinia supplements comes when the person is doing just about everything right for losing weight and still does not get the desired results. This is in part because of the fact that there may be some underlying condition like hormonal imbalance or some other deep seated problem which may not be preventing Garcinia from working appropriately on the body. A thorough investigation of the person’s clinical condition is advised in such cases.

Adulteration of Garcinia supplements with chemicals that can potentially cause a lot more harm than benefit has also brought a lot of bad name to this amazing fruit. Its safety especially for women’s health is still under scanner, which is why Garcinia is not considered a 100% safe product. But, still there are plenty of good brands having high quality Garcinia extract which are neither that harmful nor produce any major side effects.

All said and done, there are many test and trials conducted in which Garcinia seemed to show absolutely no impact  on a person’s weight loss with its use. This makes many to believe that Garcinia is falsely propagated for selling supplements and in reality does not really hold any potential for our benefit.

Last but not the least, Garcinia Cambogia fruit does have some side effects which occur only in case of its abusive use, without proper consultation from a naturopath or Ayurvedic practitioner.

Garcinia, if consumed in large doses can lead to diarrhoea and abdominal cramps adversely affecting the person’s health. In such a case, its use should be discontinued for sometime unless one is fit to take it all over again. The same applies to anyone who may rarely develop an allergy to Garcinia Cambogia fruit. In such cases, though, if allergic reaction occurs, Garcinia should never be used, instead other healthy alternatives can be exhausted.



Anybody can love your looks but good personality that makes someone stay with you. People with good personality are always everyone’s favorite. A good body weight is sign of good personality.

By making the changes in life style, proper eating habits, yoga and with the help of various herbal remedies one can maintain a healthy body and perfect body weight. Obesity has become the major concern for the children, adults and mid aged people.

For weight loss sometimes people take the medicine which can cause the various health complications. So various herbs are present in Ayurveda which helps to get rid from obesity.


It is the condition when the excess fat is deposited in the body. Being overweight results in various health complications like finding the difficulty to do physical activity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, heart complications, liver diseases and gall stones. So here we are discussing the herbal remedies provided by “PLANET AYURVEDA” for obesity.

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In Ayurevda, obesity is also known as Medarog. There are three energies vata, pitta and kapha which are required for a healthy body. Obesity is caused by aggravated kapha dosha. Kapha dosha helps to maintain the body weight by building up blood, fat, bone marrow and nutritive fluids.

When kapha dosha is balanced, it provides the nutrition to the tissues by several micro ways. But in the imbalanced state, kapha dosha leads to the toxin production in the body. These toxins get accumulated in the weaker passage of body which leads to their blockage. In the case of obesity, toxin gets accumulated in the medovahi srotas (fat passage) which results in increased production of fat tissues (Meda dhatu). So this increased fat tissue causes weight gain.

Natural Ayurvedic Weight Loss Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies for weight loss

1.)TRIM SUPPORT – Trim support is the miraculous product of PLANET AYURVEDA for those who are suffering from obesity. This herbal product helps to burn the body fat. It helps to increase the fat metabolism so it helps to reduce the weight in a natural and healthy way.

Trim supports is the combination of various ingredients which are discussed below :

Vrikshamla (Garcinia cambogia) – This plant is found in the western regions of India and have the great medicinal importance since ancient time. Vrikshamla helps to control the appetite and controls the fat deposition in the body tissues. So it helps to reduce the weight.

Mustak (cyperus rotundus) – This herb is best for the digestive complications. It helps to decrease the fat deposition in the body tissues. It also works as astringent.

Triphala (Emblica officinalis) – Triphala is an herbal fruit which is helpful in the absorption of nutrients and increase the fat metabolism of body.

DOSAGE – One tablet two times in a day with plain water after half an hour of meals.

2.)GRACINIA CAPSULES – Gracinia capsule are  wonderful  natural remedy for obesity. These capsules are prepared from the pure extract of  herb Gracinia cambogia. These capsules are 100% pure and free from any side effects.

These capsules are helpful to maintain the   healthy metabolism of body.

DOSAGE – Two capsules, two times in a day with plain water after half an hour of meals.

3.)GUGGUL CAPSULES -Guggul capsules are the miraculous herbal formulation of Planet Ayurveda. These capsules are prepared from the pure extracts of Comniphora mukul.

This herbal product is beneficial to reduce the body weight in men and women both.

DOSAGE – One capsules, two times in a day with plain water after half an hour of meals.

4.)STHOLYAMTAKA CHURNA – Stholyamtaka churna is the wonderful blend of various herbs like Mustak (Cyprus rotundus), Chirbilya (Haloptela integrifolia), Balbach (Iris ensata), Babool (Acacia Arabica), Ashok (Saraca indica), Tripahala (Myrobalans), Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Jamun (Syzigium cumini), Vidang (Embelia ribes) and Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica).

This natural remedy for obesity gives the pleasing effects in people who are suffering from this problem.

This herbal product helps to balance the three energies of body like vata, pitta and kapha. It helps to accelerate the fat metabolism and thus helps in the reduction of body weight.

DOSAGE – 1 teaspoonful, two times in a day with plain water after meals. Decoction can also be prepared by mixing 1 teaspoonful of powder in glass of water and boiling is done until it get reduced to ¼ quantity.