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7 Amazing Superfoods to Prevent an Enlarged Prostate



Today most of males are infected with prostate gland problem. It’s a tiny gland that manufactures semen and sits between bladder and penis, to keep it robust is one of duty of our body. It is a gland that surrounds the bladder and urethra. It has the size of the walnut that keeps increasing the whole life. When its health deteriorates, the symptoms are urinating frequently, getting delayed when beginning to pee and the bladder not emptying itself every time. These get worse during the night time. Sometimes symptoms are not felt and you are diagnosed with prostate gland not functioning properly. But it should be diagnosed in the beginning or it might cause cancer, which sometimes is crucial.

Superfoods for Enlarged Prostate

Don’t ignore, if your gut feeling is bad, go see a doctor. Mostly our diets are responsible for its bad health. It is the enlarged prostate, which if ignored can become prostate cancer. We are just telling you what to eat to keep its health strong.

1. Eat Tomatoes


This red vegetable is famous for enhancing your overall health. They protect you from many cancers, this includes prostate cancer too. They have an ingredient called lycopene, which gives strength to our body, but also help in checking the prostate as well. It is an anti-oxidant which strengthens the cells of the prostate gland. The tomato cells keep lycopene locked in its safe walls, it is 5 times more than the pulp. Whether the tomato is cooked or it is the form of soup or sauce, its strength remains the same.

2. Eat Fatty Fish


The reasons are many on why to eat fatty fish that has omega -3 fatty acids. These help lower the bad cholesterol and enhances the good cholesterol, minimize the risk of heart attack and slows the high blood pressure. It is a general fact that a prostate’s good health is taken care of by the veggies and fruits, but omega -3 boosts its health. It has the anti-inflammatory features that give a push to prostate’s health. The cancer risk also comes exceedingly down after the use of omega -3 in fish like trout, salmon, tuna, anchovies, sardines, and herring.

Some people don’t like fish at all, but still are non-vegetarians, they should at least include 100ml of omega fish in their weekly diet. Omega-3 fish has low mercury, but lots of other energies.

3. Eat Watermelon


Watermelon is the best fruit to eat in summers. It cools us down and doesn’t let the thirst raise its ugly head. It is loaded with vitamins A and C. It is sodium and fat- free. This fruit also has an ingredient like lycopene, which provides the fruit its color, red. It shrinks the risk of a heart attack and prostate cancer infection. It has a rich quantity of lycopene in it, around 9 to 13 milligrams in a 1 and a half cup of watermelon.

4. Green Tea


Having green tea is becoming a fashion these days, anybody who can afford it takes pride in drinking green tea. But it not only a prestige issue as it provides various benefits too. It benefits you in many ways. It lowers the risk of prostate cancer, enhances memory attention spans. There are many ways to enjoy green tea, you can also opt for iced mint green tea or green tea rice can be enjoyed. You also have another way, join it to your favorite marinade and enjoy sitting in your green lawns.

5. Nuts


Dried fruit nuts are available all over the world. They might be a little expensive, but they reduce your cholesterol level and strengthens the brain. They have lots of vitamin E and calcium in them, thus reducing the chances of getting prostate cancer. It has the high caliber fats that are loved for their quality and not quantity. Nuts have an abundance of zinc, a material that helps find the perfect balance for the prostate. It also benefits testosterone and DHT. So don’t overeat them, as they can prove to be bad if eaten in large numbers. Enjoy them with some soya to enhance more benefits.

6. Many Vegetables


There are plenty of vegetables that are great for our prostate gland like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli etc. have plenty of nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins make the infection become too weak to strike. These all are responsible for taking care of prostate gland. A balanced and healthy diet keeps you enjoy life the way you want to, please be alert when choosing your dietary supplements and have more fun.

7. Red Meat


Eating red meat might keep your prostate healthy but within limits. Don’t eat more, but keep an eagle’s eye on its quality. Many critics are trying to criticize red meat for causing prostate cancer. But all this is gossip. But eating it in a controlled manner reduces the risk of prostate cancer as red meat has iron and proteins, which uplifts and keeps it fresh and clean. Don’t go overboard and eat too much or eat charred, you need to take an expert’s advice on how much to eat will benefit you. If you go in excess, you are in trouble.

All these homemade diets make you live a better and healthy life, which is more enjoyable. Keeping healthy of this organ can make you live a better life, because if its life deteriorates then a male person can come under the psychological pressure that he has lost his impotency. There are so many reasons to be afraid of. Once the quality of your sperms deters, a fissure is going to be created between you and your spouse. Minor scuffles might lead to battles taking place. Why do you want to create trouble in your social life. Just be a little alert with your diet and have fun.


Because of embarrassment, avoiding to take medical advise is a not a good thing. People develop this behavior in the genital health complications.  So don’t hesitate to visit your doctor if one have the genital health issues. Like females, males also suffer from various genital problems. Male genital health issues are also at ridge these day. Prostate enlargement problem associated with narrowing of urethra, reduces the flow of urine.  Prostate is the gland of walnut size which surrounds the urethra, a tube that carries urine from bladder to tip of penis. Frequent urge of urination, difficulty to start urination, slow urine flow, feeling of incomplete emptying of bladder, frequent urination at night, blood in urine, continued dribbling of urine especially after urination are the symptoms associated with the prostate enlargement. This problem is common in males with increasing age. For Prostate enlargement Ayurvedic treatment is very fruitful to get rid from this problem without causing any negative effects on health.


Ayurveda View

In Ayurveda, prostate enlargement is known as parush granthi shoth.  This problem is due to vitiation of vata doshas which may be due to the consumption of vata aggravating foods.

Herbs like:

  1. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)
  2. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)
  3. Varun (Crataeva nurvala)
  4. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)
  5. Shudha guggulu(Commiphora mukul)
  6. Kachnar bark(Bauhinia variegata)
  7. Amalaki(Emblica officinalis)
  8. Bibhitaki(Terminalia bellerica)
  9. Haritaki(Terminalia chebula)

in Ayurveda are quite effective  in the treatment of prostate enlargement.   These herbs support the good health of male reproductive organs, help to pacify the aggravated vata dosha and also manage the symptoms of this disease in a natural way.



Planet Ayurveda offers the “Prostate care pack” of four herbal products. All the herbal medicines in this pack are prepared from the standardized extracts of herbs. These medicines are 100 % pure and free from any color, preservatives, starch and chemicals.  Moreover all the products are prepared under the guidance of highly knowledgeable MD Ayurveda doctors. So prostate enlargement Ayurveda treatment is very safe to resolve this problem. Though herbs take some time to show effects but their results are long lasting without causing any negative impact on health.

Products list

  1. Shilajit capsules
  2. Varunadi vati
  3. Kachnaar guggul
  4. Tribulus power


1. Shilajit capsules –Planet Ayurveda offers the Shilajit capsule for the treatment of prostate enlargement. These capsules are prepared from the shilajit (Asphaltum) which is dark brown color dark mineral substance found at higher altitudes. Shilajit is very beneficial to manage the problem of prostate enlargement in men. Shalajit is diuretic in nature so it helps to ease the urination. It also helps to provide relief in the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

DOSAGE – 2 capsules, twice in a day with plain water or milk.

2. Tribulus power – Tribulus power is also an effective prostate enlargement Ayurvedic treatment. This herbal product is available in the form of capsules and completely safe for use.  Tribulus power is prepared from the pure extract of herb Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). This herb is packed with miraculous properties to treat the prostate enlargement in a natural way. This herbs has the great medicinal importance in Ayurveda and known to be very effective in the treatment of prostate enlargement. It helps to provide relief in the symptoms like difficulty to start urination, slow urine flow, feeling of incomplete emptying of bladder, frequent urination at night and blood in urine.

DOSAGE – 2 capsules, twice in a day with plain water after meals.

3. Varunadi vati – Planet Ayurveda offers varunadi vati for the treatment of prostate enlargement. This herbal product is prepared by the combination of various herbs which are listed below

  1. Punarnava(Boerhavia diffusa)
  2. Varun(Crataeva nurvala)
  3. Gokshura(Tribulus terrestris)
  4. Shudha guggulu(Comniphora mukul)

Benefits – Herbs mentioned above are used in the formulation of varunadi vati. These herbs helps to pacify the aggravated vata dosha and supports the good health of men’s genital parts. These herbs help to maintain the good urine flow and also help to provide relief in the symptoms like burning sensation in urination.

DOSAGE – 2 tablets, twice in a day with lukewarm water after meals.

4. Kachnaar guggul – Kachnaar guggul is prepared by the combination of various herbs given below. This herbal product is free from any side effects and various patients are benefitted with this


  1. Kachnar bark(Bauhinia variegata)
  2. Amalaki(Emblica officinalis)
  3. Haritaki(Terminalia chebula)
  4. Bibhitaki(Terminalia bellerica)
  5. Sonth(zingiber officinale)
  6. Marich(Piper nigrum)
  7. Pippali(Piper longum)
  8. Varuna(Crataeva religiosa)

Benefits – Kachnaar guggul is prepared by the combination of herbs which help to treat the enlarged prostate in a natural way. These helps to reduce the size of prostate gland and helps to ease the urination.

DOSAGE – 2 tablets, twice in a day with lukewarm water.


  • Drink plenty of water to prevent the urinary tract infections.
  • Avoid drinking liquids after 6 to reduce the frequent urination at night.
  • Avoid high fat foods.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and coffee.