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Depression in today’s working women-how can Ayurveda help get rid of it?


One of the basic factors that lead to depression is when we are not happy with the part of our self. While our natural body wants us to rest and take time for ourselves, we are only striving for reaching another goal, doing another big thing. The constant hustle and not giving oneself the time to breathe and feel the roses by living in that present moment have a deep impact on our emotions as well as physical health.

After a certain period, even our body gets so drained that the eight hours of good night sleep get ineffective in bringing rest to our body. Ever since the first-ever organized women’s rights movement in the small village of Seneca Falls, the United States in 1848, a lot has changed. While women are now working at par with their male counterparts in big corporate, participating in the policy matters, representing their nation at the international level in various sports, driving cars, planes, knocking off an opponent in the boxing ring but our social conditioning is still the same.

Herbs for Depression

Women are made to feel guilty by society and even in their intimate relationships for making time for themselves. They are judged by even the other women in the circles for not giving into the social conditioning that expects her to be active and attentive towards her household duty evens after all a long day at work. This constant juggle and striving to maintain balance in work-life along with fulfilling all the responsibilities of home life has torn women into two half.

Sometimes, women do that to themselves so that they don’t feel judged. Deep down they believe that in case they give up some of their responsibilities to work on their other commitments, their importance or place in the family dynamic might diminish with the time.

It’s a high time that we should start the discussion of women empowerment in various platforms in the sense of resting and recuperating and not only confined to opportunities in the corporate world.

The feminine energy that is predominant in females is all about creation, connecting to nature, self-love, and intuition that needed to be acknowledged and nurtured. We need to teach our daughters and friends that men and women are equal but still different. We should not strive to be men but our true authentic feminine self.

Our world is more in the need of a more caring and nurturing individual, not the technologies. Women are innate nurturers; it a matter of them understanding their powers and not wait for the world to confirm them.

Lack of self-love among women

The practice of self-love is what attracts the best things to us but many women who might seem very attractive and confident from the outside lack self-love. The only reason being not acknowledging one’s individuality and being oppressed with the social perception of perfect women.

Women need to understand that we are our being and have our strength and weakness and we all deserve love and respect. Putting you second and trying to be someone to be accepted by the immediate groups or society detaches one from their true self.

For instance, an all-night party might be an idea of fun for one individual but feel more like a nuisance for another. While the women all out there for reaching professional goals and making their mark in the industry, they should also try to know themselves. Their likes and dislikes.

Simple and Natural Ways to Overcome Such Depression

One does not need to spend bucks in an expensive salon or brands for feeling better, there some simple and effective ways we can adapt to practice self-love.

Taking a breather between work and home life

Taking time off for one even it’s half an hour can do a trick even between the busy work and home responsibilities even its spending time while having tea in your favorites spot.


Writing is considered one of the best ways of emotional outlet. It helps one to put to emotional clutters in our head into writing. Journaling is not only beneficial for one’s emotional well-being but also for increasing your creativity. This is also another way to meditate if you are not into the traditional method of meditations.


The act of cooking is among the creative expressions that the women have been practicing in their kitchen for ages. It is also an expression of love. Our mothers have been cooking healthy recipes in the kitchen with love and care. Practice cooking for yourself and also for your loved ones. It will heighten your nurturing abilities.


I know we have talked earlier about how women tend to stop caring for themselves while hustling between work and home but even a little saving can make them feel secure and grounded within themselves. The idea is not how much you earn but how you use your capital for feeling secure and grounded and stop living from paycheck to paycheck. It will help you to get rid of anxiety and fear of losing your job tomorrow and give the confidence to stand your ground.


It does not matter if you are a good dancer or not but dance especially the one with more hip movements can be proven to be beneficial for well being. Dancing increases one’s confidence, improves and removes any form of blockage. It helps you to live in the present movement while your body is in tune with the music and forgetting even it’s for sometimes the events of the past and fear of the unknown future.


Other than the depression, some ailments that have seen in the women include heart disease, autoimmune diseases, breast cancer, and osteoporosis due to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of self-care and lack of rest but can be easily cured through natural methods.


Sometimes making the changes in lifestyle are not enough as it is a never-ending process that may affect anyone anytime because of the natural behavior of humans. So, we need to go some steps further and take the help of some natural herbs that will help in reducing the effects of depression without causing any other complications. Hence, the most effective and trusted herbs for managing Depression are



Ashwagandha has been proven to be beneficial in curing stress and cutting down the anxiety levels. It also helps one to remain focused and to have more control over mood swings.


Brahmi is a herb is proven to effective in calming the brain and bringing relief from anxiety and stress


Peppermint or Pudina has a cooling effect on the nervous system and helps you to have good sleep.


It’s a herb that helps in curing insomnia. Jatamansi also works as a natural anti-depressant formula.

While all the above-mentioned steps and herbs are affected but if you are suffering from clinical depression, it is always advisable to consult the doctor.

What Are The Leading Cause of Depression?-How Ayurveda Can Help

Depression: Don`t let it dominate you.

Depression is a disorder that can affect your mood, as it can lead you to the feeling of loss, anger or sadness that can interfere with your daily life and it’s a worrying thing, so it’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Depression leads you to lose your productivity that lowers your work`s output. Relationships, which are very important to us, can also be affected by depression and some conditions of health can also be affected, resulting in loss of time and lower productivity.

Depression can cause a feeling of sadness or loss of interest in activities, which you enjoyed previously.

It can lead to disturbance in a personal relationship and some other health conditions which can be chronic

Herbal Remedies to Treat Depression

It leads you to other conditions (diseases) as well:


Inflammation of the joints is known as arthritis. It can affect one joint or multiple joints. Types of Arthritis are more than 100, but all differ from one another, they all break out with different causes and their treatments also differ. The most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). These conditions of arthritis are painful hence can create hindrance in hinder in your daily routine.


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the whole globe. Nobody is spared of this deadly menace, whether old, young or kid, anybody can be prey to it. The function of the body is maintained for living by the cells of our body. The life cycle of cells unique as it depends on the type of cell that how long will it live and after how much time it will take to die, after older one new cells are produced by the body, the process is called apoptosis and this cycle goes on till our whole life in a healthy body.


It is a metabolic disease. Patients get his blood sugar level high, due to insulin hormone, which is responsible to transfer the sugar from your blood into the cells for energy or for storage purposes to use them later in the body. Diabetes hinders the process of making insulin in sufficient form, as per body requirement or in some cases the insulin produced by the pancreas our body cannot use it as it has to be. As most of the cells in the body use glucose with amino acids (the blocks used to build proteins) along with fats, hence its main source of energy for cells in the body, but its main source of energy for our brain, chemical messengers and nerve cells are the helping hands to process the information, without them your brain is not able to work properly.

The glucose which is used for energy is once used, and the remaining is stored in the liver in little bundles which are known as glycogen and some time they stored in the muscles, your body stores glucose for later use for energy.

As if we don’t eat for some time means for few hours, then pancreas stops making insulin, in that case, cells in pancreas known as alpha makes gly cagon a hormone, this is the signaling hormone it gives order to liver that it’s the time to break glycogen into glucose so that it gives energy to cells in body. This helps you to replenish your supply until you eat again till next time. The liver has the ability to make glucose on its own as it can make glucose out of waste products when combined together like amino acids, waste products, and fats.

Untreated high blood sugar due to diabetes can be very harmful as it affects the organs of our body directly as it can harm kidneys, nerves, eyes and even other organs of the body also.


When your BMI(Body mass index) is more than thirty (30), this term BMI is used for that means you are obese if your BMI is 25 to 29.9 it means that you are overweight but not obese. The factors which influence the relationship between BMI and body fat depend upon factors such as bone or muscle mass, age, sex or ethnicity.

BMI is the main indicator of excess weight and fat in your body. Obesity can lead you to various other diseases also like hypertension and blocked arteries. So to avoid obesity, your lifestyle changes are must for that you should include a healthy diet free from junk food and dairy products and other unhealthy diet and include exercises and yoga in your daily routine.

How to Overcome Depression

These above-mentioned conditions which can be the result of depression.


1. Hereditary:

Your chances of developing depression can be higher if your ancestors (genetically) also suffered from this problem. So if you are having a family history of depression you should be very cautious about this (depression).

2. Brain:

The structure of your brain can also be one of the reasons for your depression disorder. The Frontal lobe of your brain has a problem of activeness it could also be the result of depression in you.

3.Medical conditions:

Certain conditions like chronic illness, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), insomnia, chronic pain, your habit of being sad at simple things of unnecessary means(without any reason).


Trauma in early childhood, events which affect you very early in your life as to lose some near and dear or some other unnatural event which makes you sad and which hurt you mentally in your childhood, they are responsible for the way body reacts to fear and stressful situations.


People on drugs and dope or on alcohol depended are more prone to get in the net of depression.

Symptoms of depression:


No longer finding pleasure in favorite activities, drinking excessively, engaging in high-risk activities, reduction in sexual desire, sleeping disorder(insomnia).

Mood swings:

Aggressiveness, irritability, restlessness, anger are the signs which show the swings in the mood of the person.


Feeling of emptiness, sadness and hopelessness are the signs of emotions of a person suffering from depression shows.

Ayurveda can help in treating depression:

Depression according to Ayurveda comes in 3 types and treatment of each type is different.

Vata comes from the colon, Pitta comes from the intestine, Kappha from the stomach all these when enters into general circulation and gets enter into the nervous system they interfere functioning of the nervous system.

According to Ayurveda Treatment of Depression should be done with diagnosing the main dosha and treating it through, lifestyle changes and other procedures of Ayurveda like medication, Yoga and Panchkarma therapy.