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Planet Ayurveda Rose Toner For Gorgeous & Youthful Skin !


The first question that comes to our mind is WHAT IS TONER, WHAT DOES TONER DO TO OUR SKIN & WHY DO WE NEED THIS EXTRA STEP?

Toners are water-based liquids composed of some specific active ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. Toner is an essential step to add to your skin care routine to maintain poreless and smooth skin as well as used to balance your skin’s pH level but this step is often ignored by many people.

Toners are most essential and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin or for people who wear makeup or other heavy products like sunscreen and want extra cleansing or for those who want to add extra radiance to their skin.


Choose the right toner to all skin types.

ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA is best facial toner which is free from harsh astringent ingredients, alcohol, and fragrances.

We understand that choosing a new product is a little daunting and at the same time perplexing as well. But if you’re using the wrong formula then there are chances that toner can make your skin dry and itchy.

ROSE TONER by Planet Ayurveda is made from natural ingredients and protects the skin against bacterial attacks.

We shouldn’t overlook the benefits of face toner as it is helpful for acne-prone skin too. Facial toner is also one of the few skincare products that specialize in balancing your skin’s natural pH (power of hydrogen) level. Your skin is naturally acidic, with a pH balance that falls to 5.5. After you wash your face with your regular cleanser, your face becomes more alkaline, once your skin pH level goes above 5.6, the acid mantle (skin first layer of defense) gets compromised, which makes your skin more prone to damage and inflammation as it will make your skin vulnerable to bacteria and infection. ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA makes your skin work overtime to restore the balance back to normal

Using ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA balances your skin texture and qualities

  1. Rose Toner preps your face for better absorption of the ingredients that are present in the face cream you apply.
  2. For acne-prone skin, choose ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA. This will leave your skin clean and glowing. It can be used even for sensitive skin
  3. Applying a few pumps of ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA to wipe your face off will remove oil and shrink the appearance of pores.
  4. As it tightens the pores, it will ultimately reduce the penetration of impurities into your skin
  5. Unlike other alcohol-based toners in the market, ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA is alcohol-free and will help to bind your skin moisture.
  6. It will restore the balance of pH level
  7. Formula researched and developed by our Ayurvedic Experts of PLANET AYURVEDA


If you have acne-prone or oily skin, our Rose Toner is the natural product you need as the pores in your skin connect to oil glands under the skin. These glands produce an oily substance called sebum and when the follicle pore gets clogged, oil gets trapped and a pimple or acne occurs.

We get past the notion that Toner is only useful in oily skin but our Rose Toner removes residual oil and dirt and will improve your skin texture by restoring the moisture balance. It doesn’t aggravate the dry skin

Our product is specially made for all skin types for calming and soothing.

Rose Toner by Planet Ayurveda is manufactured using ingredients:

  • Mint Oil (Mentha piperita)-Pudina
  • Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis)
  • Rose Oil (Rosa Domestica) – Gulab
  • Iscagaurd PEG
  • Rose Extract (Rosa Domestica) – Gulab
  • Aqua


Peppermint is an aromatic herb known for its distinct aroma and medicinal value and a refreshing cool flavor. Being highly popular, this herb has been a part of ancient medicinal practices.

  • A small zit spoils the appearance of our whole face. Mint is completely safe and known to get acne problems from its root as peppermint has soothing and cooling abilities that rejuvenate the skin.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea benefits can be enjoyed both as a beverage and applying on the skin in order to get a healthy skin. Green tea is known to be an effective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, protecting the skin from environmental contaminants and it is also considered to be an anti-aging and excellent for acne-prone skin.

Rose Extract

Since ancient times Rose petals were known for nourishing the skin. If you sip on gulkand (the sweet preserve of rose petals) which is made up of roses then start using rose on your skin too. Rose has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce the redness on irritated skin. It also helps to get rid of eczema, dermatitis, dryness, and acne. Rose Toner by PLANET AYURVEDA is the best way to incorporate rose in your regimen in order to achieve glowing skin

Rose Oil

Rose Toner by PLANET AYURVEDA contains the essential oil of Roses which makes your dry skin hydrated, minimizes the appearance of scars, and reduces signs of acne.

Rose Toner With Body Butter Cream


  • Dampen a cotton pad with 3 to 4 pumps of ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA helps to  wipe off all the excessive oil and dirt out of your face
  • Clean your face with De Grease Face Wash by Planet Ayurveda” which is suitable for all skin types
  • After cleansing, exfoliate with “Green Essential Gel Scrub (Green-Tea Aloe) by Planet Ayurveda” that removes the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin
  • Again follow the very first step of using a dampen cotton pad with 3 to 4 pumps of  ROSE TONER by PLANET AYURVEDA to achieve a tighter and glowing skin
  • Always follow these steps with Rose Honey Natural Face & Body Cream which not only hydrate your skin but also makes its supple and soft

Introducing this quick and effortless toning step to your everyday skincare routine will change the texture, tone and overall health of your skin

Top 5 Herbs for Treatment of Blemishes

About Blemishes

Blemishes are marks or areas of discoloration on the skin. These are the marks or flaws, which spoil the appearance of the skin. Blemishes can ruin one’s personality. Especially the teenagers are very much concerned about the blemishes. Their confidence level decreases once they find blemishes on the face. There are different types of blemishes with different causes. The main types are acne, scars, birthmarks, age-spots etc. Blemishes develop generally on face, back, upper arms etc. Wrinkles are small lines or creases on the skin. They appear due to age. As we get older the creases will be visible. Apart from the reason of getting older, there are many other reasons for wrinkles like smoking, skin damage, dehydration etc. There are different types of wrinkles like surface Lines and prominent lines.

Causes of Blemishes


There are different causes for blemishes. The major cause is the presence of excess hormone in the body. These excessive hormones stimulate sebaceous glands and that lead to the secretion of extra oil. Another cause of blemishes is unhealthy food habits. Taking junk food and foods rich in unhealthy fats must be avoided. There are more causes, but mainly blemishes affect the sensitive skin and sensitive skin leaves scars behind always.

Symptoms of Blemishes

The symptoms of blemishes normally depend upon the type of skin. There are 3 types of skin, ie., normal, oily and dry. The symptoms of blemishes vary from person to person. For some individuals, blemishes may be associated with infection. In such situation they may feel itchy and wish to scratch. Most of them are without any symptoms apart from visible abnormality on the surface of the skin

Herbs for Blemishes

Now we are explaining top 5 herbs for ayurvedic treatment of blemishes. These herbs helps in restoring your fair skin. These herbs encourage new skin cells growth while healing scars and blemishes.

1. Rubia Cordifolia (Manjistha)

Rubia Cordifolia is known as Indian Madder. It is very popular in the name of manjistha. It is found in the hilly areas. The root part is used in the powdered form and applied in face packs and also taken internally. If it is consumed internally, the skin glows and gets lusture. All the skin disorders, ulcers, blood disorders are treated with the help of this herb.

2. Fumaria Officinalis (Fumitory)

Fumaria officinalis is commonly known as ”Earth Smoke”. It is used to remove all types of skin blemishes and eye problems. It contains lots of alkaloids such as bulbocapnine, protopine, fumaritine etc. The whole plant is useful. It is used to remove aches, pains, liver problems and diarrhoea. It is used as blood purifier. Constipation is cured. It is mixed with honey and with pepper for jaundice.


3. Swertia Chirata (Chirayata)

Swertia Chirata belongs to the family of gentianaceae. It is also known as chirayata or nepali bheem. The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. The decoction of the bark is used for cleaning the stomach internally and for treating the wounds externally. It is used for curing liver disorders, eye problems and cardiac complications effectively.

4. Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe vera)

It is one of the oldest medicinal plants. It is short, perrennial and stemless plant, which contains gel in between. It is also known as “Plant of Immortality”. Aloe Vera has many healing properties. It is taken internally. It acts as a pain reliever. Aloe Vera contains phytochemicals, which are beneficial for hair and health. Aloe Vera juice, if taken internally every morning on empty stomach keeps all diseases away. It also treats sun burns and fights aging.

5. Azadirachta Indica (Neem)

Neem is anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial. Neem is used to clear all blemishes from the skin. It is used for hair as well. It is also used for curing skin ulcers and detoxifying the blood. The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. The neem bark is used for treating malaria. It is used for treating worms in stomach and for curing wounds. It also helps to keep the teeth healthy.