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What Is Botox? What Are The Substitute In Ayurveda To Have Wrinkle Free Skin?


Throughout the world, Botox has been emerged as an escape from the aging process due to its resultant effect on the skin. It is used as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory procedure by women and men. It is an estimate that approximately 11 million people throughout the globe have used Botox to date making it one of the most in-demand non-surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes.


Everyone today is working hard to keep themselves beautiful and youthful-looking. This has resulted in a rise in the market for cosmetic products and treatments. There have been certain surgeries as well in prevalence for cosmetic means and Botox among these is the most popular one. Its popularity and availability have been increasing with leaps and bounds. When it was introduced, Botox was really exclusive and only available to a certain class of people but now it has been a part and parcel of many people’s cosmetic routines. Botox is equally popular in both men and women.


Let’s talk about Botox that what exactly is it and how it helps to prevent aging signs on the skin? Botox is a muscle relaxant that reduces wrinkles of the skin and helps in treating muscular conditions. These injections block the nerve impulses that are sent to a muscle to contract and hence preventing the muscle contraction. It is a protein made up of botulinum toxin which is produced by the bacteria named Clostridium botulinum. It is a sort of toxin which causes botulism and paralyzes muscles.

This toxin when used in small doses and correctly have many cosmetic properties. Botox injections are known to treat skin wrinkles, eyelid spasms, crossed eyes, bladder issues, and excessive sweating. Now the question arises how Botox works? It prevents the collagen breakdown which usually breaks during expression and speech and this breakdown of collagen leads to sagging of skin and hence skin wrinkles. In simple words, it works by freezing the muscle found in the face and therefore preventing loosening of skin.

Wrinkle Free Skin

Its popularity is due to the results which are fast however it is not permanent you have to go for the next sitting after three to four months. Also, Botox is not effective in the case of wrinkles caused by sun damage or after injury. Even after its huge popularity, people hesitate to opt for it because of the long term damage that it does to the body. The initial side effects that can be noticed just after having a Botox injection are drooping of eyelids and swelling, tiredness, fatigue, headache, pain in the neck, double vision, stomach troubles, flu-like complaints, numbness, malaise, unwanted weakness of surrounding muscles, dry eyes and allergic reactions like itching, rashes or respiratory troubles.

One should contact the cosmetic provider immediately who has given the injections. Also, the Botox injections can be really heavy on your pockets are the averages charges of these cosmetic injections are really high and non-affordable by many of us. It can charge you up to thousands of dollar per year which keep of increasing with your age.

In case a person receiving Botox injection develops antibodies against it then the further injections given prove to be ineffective. One more big reason not to go for Botox is that it doesn’t make you look younger but puffy, artificial, and too fake smooth. Botox takes aging gracefully from you away as one day with or without it getting old is inevitable and not any injection or surgery can stop it but taking Botox arouse a sense of insecurity in you for your wrinkles and skin.


Ayurveda is the Indian origin science which is also known as the science of life. In this, all the ailments are treated naturally with the help of herbs that are gifted by nature many therapeutic properties that help in dealing with various ailments. Nature has an answer to all of your problems and not only diseases but certain cosmetic issues can also be corrected by the herbs present in nature possessing numerous therapeutic properties.

Due to the number of reasons given above people are reluctant to choose Botox and are looking for options that are natural, free from side effects, and long-lasting. Ayurveda is the answer to all of the above problems. There are certain herbs in nature that have a marked effect on your skin and muscles and can deal with cosmetic problems.

Planet Ayurveda is a well-known name in the field of Ayurveda. It is a herbal company that produces herbal products that are prepared from pure and best quality of herbs and do not contain any type of fillers, binders, artificial chemicals or such things which can prove harmful to your body. It offers a combination of herbs which when taken have a natural anti-aging effect on your skin and that too without giving you any fake looks or fake youth.

Herbal Remedies for Wrinkle Free Skin

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1. Aloe vital

These single herb capsules are prepared from your well-known herb Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis). Every one might be very well aware of its amazing effects on the body and skin. These herbal capsules are prepared from the standardized extract of herb and possess rejuvenating properties that clear wrinkles and blemishes from the skin and give you glowing youthful skin.

Dosage- Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with plain water

2. Radiant Skin Hair Nail Capsules

These polyherbal capsules are prepared from the standardized extract of Manjishtha, Pitt papda, Chirata, and Ghrit kumari. These capsules clear blood, relieves inflammation, treats sagging skin, and helps to treat various other skin ailments as well.

Dosage- Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with plain water

3. Manjishtha Capsule

These amazing capsules are prepared from a standardized extract of Rubia cordifolia (Manjishtha). They help in treating blemishes, acne marks, wrinkles, and give skin a young-looking appearance.

Dosage- Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with plain water

4. Cleopatra Anti-Aging Body Butter

It is a skin nourishing cream that is prepared from a number of ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera extract, etc. It helps in treating loss of skin elasticity, decreased skin firmness, pigmentation, age spots, loss of glow to the skin, and wrinkles.

Direction- Apply in day and at night all over face and neck after cleaning the face with cleanser

5. Alektrona Serum

This natural serum is prepared from Aloe vera, Bearberry, Xanthum gum, Licorice extract, Lavender extract, Calendula flower extract, etc. It gives you fresh and healthy looking skin without wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, saggy skin, and dullness.

Direction- Apply in the morning and at night. Take out two pumps full-on palm and spread evenly on the whole face.

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Natural methods are always better than artificial ones as they are free from chemicals and hence side effects. Also, they do not give you fake youthful-looking skin but a healthy looking one. Also, they are pocket friendly and can be used in long term without any side effects.

Remedies for Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation

Melanin is a pigment that gives color to the skin and protects it from rays of the sun.  When there is an overproduction of melanin, skin discoloration is the result.  There are some special cells in the body, which make melanin when these cells get affected melanin production gets imbalanced. The reason could be inflammation of the skin; other reasons like internal or external factors of the body can be the culprits of this problem.

Pigmented birthmarks, port wine stains, muscular stains, hemangiomas are some of the common types of pigmentations, due to which our discoloration of the skin occurs on our body.

Due to the difference which occurs in melanin levels, skin patch occurs on certain part of the body or on all of your body.

Skin Discoloration

Types of Skin Discoloration Or Pigmentation


Vitiligo mainly affects the loss of color in blotches, any part of your body can be affected with this problem, most people with dark skin tend to get this problem with their skin, as far as this problem is concerned it does not harm you any other way than skin discoloration but its stressful kind of situation for person suffering from this problem as he feels bad about him/herself. The reason for this problem is when cells that produce melanin stops functioning hence discoloration occurs.


It is a condition that causes discoloration on your skin. As it’s known as “Mask of pregnancy” too, when it occurs in pregnant women, the condition is much more common in women, but men can get it too, brownish color skin patches can occur on cheeks forehead, bridge of the nose or on the chin. Though it will not do any harm, you may feel self-conscious about the way it appears on your skin texture.


Hypopigmentation is patches that are lighter than your overall skin, the problem with melanin can cause you this condition of hypopigmentation. This condition can also be due to the injury as it can develop into hypopigmentation.

Solar Lentigines:

It’s a patch of dark skin, the cause of this problem is UV (Ultraviolet rays), due to which local proliferation of melanocytes happens and leads to the accumulation of melanin within the skin cells (Kertinocytes). People over 40 are prone to be under the umbrella of this condition of solar lentigines.


Freckles are the brown spots on fair skin people, who are the victim of this problem, due to UV (ultraviolet) radiation stimulation. Genes such as MC1R or sunburn can be the cause of freckles.

Causes Of Discolored Skin Patches


Sunburns can be the cause of damaging your skin and some time some other factors which lead to burns can also damage your skin, hence it tends to get patches on the skin.

Skin Cancer:

When genetic material in the skin is damaged, this can cause cancer, which can change the color of skin and texture of the skin. Long term sun damage and exposure to chemicals can also be the reason for skin cancer.

Some Types of Skin Cancer


It’s the least common type of cancer, but if not treated, it can be dangerous also. Mole on the skin when it gets triggered which is also a cause of melanoma. Place of their occurrence in men is on chest and back. In the case of women, they appear on legs.

Actinic Keratosis:

It’s a condition where crusty or scaly kind of spots on hand, arms or face appears. It’s a precancerous skin problem. These spots are brown-gray or pink, the area affected with this problem tends to itch or even burning sensation is felt.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma:

It’s a type of skin cancer that begins in squamous cells, due to this disease sores and scaly patches can be seen. Squamous cells make an outermost layer of the skin.

Basal Cell Carcinoma:

Due to this condition, painful bumps in the early stages are making the patient irritate as they bleed, it also affects the top layer of skin. The appearance of this kind bumps are shiny or with scar-like looks.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Skin Cancer

Ayurveda can help us to treat these problems we face due to skin discoloration and pigmentation. According to Ayurveda, “Subdoshas” like ‘Pitta” and ‘Vatta” are the main factors due to which color of skin gets affected.

In Ayurveda, we not only treat with medicines for skin disorders but we include different procedures to overcome the problem of skin discoloration, by diagnosing the nature of the problem. We apply the procedure to treat it from the root. All these procedures are natural and without any side effects.

It includes the following herbal and home remedies:

Home Remedies for Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation

Changes in Lifestyle:

For combating with pigmentation on any part of the body you have to control the base of the problem that is causing an imbalance in Pitta and Vatta, hence lifestyle changes are required to do away with this problem. Exposure to the sun and wearing dark color clothes that absorb heat quickly are prohibited in this condition, due to it, stress meditation is required to keep you calm and relaxed.

If you are habitual of smoking then it’s very difficult to treat the problem of skin discoloration, as it increases the free radical content in your body, thus aggravating the factor of skin discoloration.

Detoxification of Body:

Water, which is essential for all living beings on earth, proves to be very beneficial in skin discoloration problems. With the help of Water therapy, which is known as “Usnodaka,” which is a very useful therapy for skin discoloration, the patient is asked to drink boiled water, which is a technique proven to be best for detoxification of all bad elements in the body. Apart from this, the patient is advised to drink 5 to 7 cups of boiled water on a regular basis on an empty stomach, till the Ayurvedic therapy is going on. Apart from this the Ayurvedacharya by examining the condition of the problem, can also recommend some other procedures as done in Ayurveda.

Herbal Remedies

Fruits like plums, peaches and fruit juices are recommended to hydrate your body and give you a good skin tone.

Cumin seeds, coriander, and fennel seeds are some of the seeds, when mixed and boiled in water, helps you to get relief from skin problems, you can take bath with this boiled water after cooling it and bringing it at room temperature. Herb like Manjhsthia helps you in relieving the skin disorders as it’s a blood purifier and it’s an anti-allergy herb, which can do wonders for your skin.

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