How to Stop Winter Allergies from Ruining Your Day


How awful is it to keep your love for skiing away for your rivalry with the winters, the allergies to blame

Winters are the seasons of beauty and joy. As the moves to the winter solstice, the days creep smaller and the nights dwell with the enrobing naughtus must thus silently cover the land and escape with the beauty of white. Winter is a season much acclaimed by many authors, for the array of shades in portrayes. While we escape into the serenity of the spots of white in winter, throbbing for the warmth and breathing in the cold chill, it is also the reason for the manifestation of many allergies in this scenario. While winters are all about beauty for some, it is the season of escape from everything and everybody for others. While we spend the entire time skiing and gulping down chai to hot chocolate, there are many who wish to come out but their body stops them from doing so.

Winters are the season of constant rhinitis, headaches, feeling of heaviness in the body especially the head, constant uninterrupted sneezing, to name a few of the sufferings faced by people. According to Ayurveda, allergies occur due to a particular substance or allergen that accounts for an aggravation in the doshic status of the body resulting in an allergic response. 

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Ayurvedic idea of allergy

More often than not, these allergic reactions are partly reflective of our innate doshic constitution, the Prakrithi. It just simply means, irrespective of the cause for the formation of the allergy, an individual with a Pitta type of constitution tends to have an open arm to Pitta type of allergies, similarly for others. This becomes especially accurate when the Doshas are aggravated. Nevertheless it is still possible to acquire allergies of any doshic prevalence. That is, For instance, an individual with Vata predominance who suffers from aggravated Pitta must fall prey to a Pitta type of allergy

While we all understand that allergies of hypersensitivity in medical terms appear as a result of compromised immunity. Certain research is on the option that auto-immune activities of the body are a type of allergic reaction. Considering this concept with general Ayurvedic philosophy, equipting the immune system to fight off these allergens, thus reducing the susceptibility of an individual is considered as the best tip to drop off allergic reactions. To enchant the body to another level of better life, ayurveda accounts for health maintenance at three levels. First being the right dietary practices, then the dutiful practice of daily and seasonal regimes and finally the state of a well nourished mental state, a stage away from  Raga or attachment leading to the ultimate Moksha or salvation. 

Let’s step into Winters with these Natural shields

Ayurveda understands and comprehends each disease under the blanket of doshic predominance. Hence to manage these wavering in the bodily entities, ayurveda employs the rightful use of certain natural herbs that help you to support your system against allergic manifestations. A few of these herbs are.

The golden spice : Turmeric 

Additive in every cuisine, the golden spice of our Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is the most abundantly used herb that helps to enhance the immunity and support the system from allergic reactions. Haridra as termed in Sanskrit has an astringent flavor with hot potency that activates the immunity with its Vata-Kapha pacifying abilities. Researchers have found that regular consumption of turmeric in the form of spice in daily cuisine adds to the fighting ability of an individual to stand against allergies. 

The mystic effect of Cilantro

Cilantro, the common additive in very greens be it salads or dressings, celenatro is well used in the form of pulps or juice that elevates the flavor of every dish. Cilantro seeds or Dhanyaka (Coriyandrum sativum) is one among those herbs which has cold potency yet has the ability to enrich the immunity. It has an astringent flavor with the same metabolic end effect, and can be consumed in the form of spice or as dressing in any preparation.

The diamond of ayurvedic design

Commonly called as long pepper or Pippali in Sanskrit (Piper longum), is one herb which balances all three doshas. It has a strong pungent to astringent flavor combined with sweet metabolic end effect and hot potency, a rare combination that stimulates the digestive fire and also maintains the immunity at its optimal. Pippali is a wonderful drug that fights against allergens in the body thus protecting it from allergies. It can be added to any dish just like adding pepper.

The bulb that lights your fire

Garlic bulb (Allium sativum) is one herb which has wonderful abilities to maintain the homeostasis of the body. This bulb lights the mechanism of the entire body with its strong digestive properties combined with its pungent flavor that has an astringent metabolic end effect and hot potency. Lasuna has added antimicrobial properties which further added to its antiallergic properties, added to any dish as a garnish for sauteed with oil to enhance the flavor of the dish.

The village pharmacy : Ginger

Sringavera, as termed in Sanskrit, literally means as shaped as a stag horn. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is used in most therapeutic conditions traditionally. It has a strong pungent taste with a sweet metabolic end effect. It has the potential to maintain the equistatsis of the body, and thus maniantin the immunity at its epitome. It has a special effect to control the recurrence of allergic rhinitis to flu commonly seen in the winters. Ginger can be consumed in the form of warming teas, as a spice condiment or in dressings of salads.  

While it may take a little effort to find the path to your balance, your special path towards allergy relief begins with the small consistent steps that you take. Ayurveda, being the science that has been time tested, is the best formula that you may affect in your life, which gradually propels it to fight the allergies you fear, thus helping you rediscover your life.  

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

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