Smritisagar Rasa – Benefits , Dosage, Uses And Ingredients


Rasaushadhis are one of the most useful and classical gifts to mankind by Ayurvedic Acharyas. Rasa is associated with parada. Parada (Mercury) is designated as Shiv-virya. It is loaded with a variety of health benefits after purification. As the name indicates Smritisagar rasa is to enhance the brain tone and act on the neurological system. It is loaded with multiple benefits to pacify aggravated doshas and mental problems. This article contains information about Smritisagar rasa, its therapeutic values, and the method of preparation.


The word smriti is associated with memory. Smritisagar rasa manages the aggravated vata dosha in the body and helps to manage diseases like apsara (depression). It is mentioned in Yogratnakar and tends to manage the Unmada. Smritisagar rasa has the potency to manage ailments like OCD or other brain issues. Smritisagar rasa acts as a brain tonic and mental health booster. 


  1. Shudh Parada
  2. Shudh Gandhaka
  3. Shudh Hartal
  4. Shudh Manasila
  5. Tamra Bhasma

Bhavna Dravyas

  1. Vacha kwath
  2. Brahmi kwath
  3. Jyotishmati

Description of ingredients

Shudh Parada

Shudh Parada is detoxified mercury. Shudh Parada is one of the main ingredients of Smriti sagar rasa. Shudh parada is purified mercury and is one of the potent health boosters, and a potent immunity modulator, promoting healthy blood cells in the body. Purified mercury increases sperm quality and nourishes the muscles. Parada (purified mercury) is designated as Shiv virya. It promotes better assimilation and absorption of minerals and nutrients in the body. Parada is one of the most important and effective minerals in rasa shastra. The multiple benefits of a parade are mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Parada is known to balance all three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). It acts as an immunomodulator, aphrodisiac, tonic, and rasayan(rejuvenator) and acts as roman (heals wounds). Parada is best as it increases the potency of ingredients assimilated with it. Parada is associated with many spiritual thoughts as mentioned in rasagranthas. Rasa is related to lord Shiva and is best to achieve the mind’s stability.

Shudh Gandhaka 

Shudh gandhak is detoxified sulfur. Shudh gandhak is sweet in taste and katu (bitter). Other properties of gandhak are it is hot in potency, agni-deepak (promotes digestion), and drains out toxins.  It helps to cure ailments associated with various skin disorders. It can manage ailments like psoriasis, eczema, etc. Gandhak is a potent brain booster, that opens the body channels, boosts immunity, and manages allergic conditions. Gandhak is known to increase the immunity and disease-fighting capacity of the body. Other associated actions of the purified sulfur increase the semen count. As it increases the overall metabolism of the body, it enhances mental strength and promotes calmness. So it is one of the chief ingredients of the smriti sagar rasa.

Shudh Hartal

Shudh Hartal is purified orpiment. It is a well-known mineral to manage the condition of fever. It is cold in potency and hence balances the pitta dosha. Shudh hartal is potent tridoshar, pushtikar (nourish), preventing the burning sensation associated with aggravated pitta. Orpiment promotes the efficacy and compatibility of associated minerals or herbs. It is cold in potency so it promotes the soothing effect, preventing infertility-like conditions.  Shudh Hartal helps to improve the cardiac tone and brain tone.

Shudh Manasila

Manashila is arsenic/realgar. It is hot in potency, tikta (bitter) and katu (pungent) in rasa(taste). It helps to balance the aggravated vata. It is a mineral best known to pacify the kapha dosha. The functions of manshila are to promote lekhan, vishaghan (anti-dote), raktavikaarnashini (pacify the disease associated with blood), pacify breathlessness, improve digestive fire, prevent the conditions like tuberculosis, manage itching, and help to boost overall mental and physical health in association with other added minerals.

Tamra Bhasma

Tamra is purified copper. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and potent immunomodulator in various ailments. Tamra is shakti vardhak (promotes strength) , Ruchi Karak (manages anorexia), and agni deepak (promotes digestive fire). In Smritisagar rasa tamra bhasma is one of the main ingredients and enhances the potency of this formulation multiple times. Tamra is a potent rejuvenator and is able to manage liver-associated pain.

Vacha kwath 

Vacha is the Acorus calamus. It is also called a sweet flag. The kwath of vacha is used as a bhavna dravya in this herbal formulation. The properties of Vacha kwath are as it is a nervine tonic, a tranquilizer, and acts as a sedative with anti-anxiety properties. Other properties of vacha are analgesic, it is spasmolytic and anticonvulsant. It enhances the properties of the whole formulation and also increases the potency. 


Brahmi is Bacopa monnieri. Brahmi is prevalent throughout the plains of India. It is used as bhavna dravya in Smritisagar rasa. Bhavna dravyas are known to enhance the quality and status of the formulation. Brahmi is an adaptogenic, astringent, diuretic, sedative, potent nervine tonic, and antispasmodic in properties. Brahmi helps to calm the thought process, maintain the sleep-wake cycle and help to maintain the cortisol hormone in balance.


Jyotishmati is Celastrus paniculata, also called Malkangni. It is also one of the bhavna dravya to increase the quality of Smritisagar rasa. The properties of Jyotishmati are as it acts as a nervine tonic, a potent brain tonic, and is used to treat mental depression. Other actions of this herb are hysteria and improving memory. Jyotishmati is also a good mind tonic and promotes the intellect.

Preparation method

The classical method to prepare the rasa is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Mix the above-mentioned minerals in equal quantities and in purified form. First, make the kajal of Parad and gandhak. After preparing the kajal add other minerals to that kajjali. Mix and crush all the herbs properly. After mixing add bhavna dravyas one by one. Give 21 bhavna of vacha kwath, 21 bhavna of Brahmi kwath. Lastly, give bhavna of malkangni tail. Make the tablets of 125mg.


Smritisagar rasa is loaded with multiple potent and effective ingredients to manage the conditions of aggravated vata and pitta. Smritisagar rasa is very helpful to maintain good mental health. Along with that, it is very effective in removing toxins from the body. Following are the indications of Smritisagar rasa.

  1. Parkinson’s disease
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Depression
  4. Mental disturbance
  5. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  6. Back pain and Joint pain
  7. Hypertension
  8. Digestive problems
  9. Bursitis trochanteric
  10. Paralysis
  11. Facial palsy
  12. Gout
  13. Spinal cord demyelination
  14. Dementia
  15. Anxiety and Depression
  16. Cardiac Problems with Sarpagandha
  17. Migraine
  18. Sexual problem
  19. Rheumatoid arthritis
  20. Tremor
  21. Sciatica
  22. Tuberculosis
  23. Weakness
  24. Facial palsy.
  25. Gout
  26. Spinal cord demyelination
  27. Dementia
  28. Anxiety and Depression
  29. Cardiac Problems
  30. Migraine
  31. Sexual problem
  32. Rheumatoid arthritis
  33. Tremor
  34. Sciatica
  35. Tuberculosis
  36. Weakness
  37. Brain tonic
  38. Hysteria
  39. Pediatrics problems
  40. Weakness

Dosage:  125 mg twice daily


Self-medication of this medicine should be avoided. Smriti sagar rasa should always be taken after the advice of an Ayurvedic physician. Keep it out of reach of children. It should be avoided by pregnant women and lactating mothers. Overdosage in the absence of an Ayurvedic physician can be dangerous.



Smritisagar rasa is one of the useful herbal remedies to manage neurological problems. Smritisagar rasa promotes a soothing effect and promotes calmness. It balances the pitta dosha and manages the conditions like garbhashaya unmada (Hysteria). Smritisagar rasa has the potency to manage the ailments like facial palsy, paralysis, and hemiplegia. Smritisagar rasa acts as a brain tonic and mental health booster. In conclusion, we can say that smritisagar rasa is a potent brain tonic, and mind booster, that provides calmness and manages all neurological disorders.