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Impressive Health Benefits and Uses Of Ginger


Ginger is also known as Zingiber officinale is often touted as a sick day panacea in the ancient Ayurvedic zones. Ginger is most delicious and healthiest spice in the world that will make you gluttony.

health benefits of ginger

Impressive Health Benefits and Uses Of Ginger

  • It’s root is loaded with immense nutrients and its benefits cover a lot of ground. It is beneficial to the body as well as for the brain, making you skilled & sharp.
  • It is considered a super food for anti aging, ‘stay younger and live longer.’ In health it is beneficial in arthritis and osteoarthritis, prevents cancer, enhances respiratory functions, subsides nausea and pain, increases appetite and strengthens your immune system, which gets strong enough to deal with any kind of disease.
  • Since centuries it is used to drive away common cold, flu and help in digestion.
  • This spice is amazing in enhancing your libido, reducing obesity and minimizing pain during menstrual periods.
  • It can be used in various ways and is versatile enough to be consumed in so many different ways, can be added to your smoothies, grate some of it on a stir fry, add it in some soup or you can sip your ginger tea.

By this time you must be having ginger in your kitchen and let me explain some benefits in detail:

Medicinal Benefits

  • Ginger contains Gingerol, the main player that provides so many  powerful medicinal benefits.
  • It belongs to a family that is closely related to turmeric, galangal and cardamom.
  • Mostly the underground part of the stem – the rhizome, is used as a spice.
  • It can be used in a fresh form, dried or powdered form, or can also be used as a soup or juice, as oil can also be added to processed foods and cosmetics.
  • Mostly acts as an ingredient in cooked dishes, at least in India.
  • Its incongruous fragrance and flavor come from its natural oil called Gingerol.
  • It is the main bio-active compound in ginger that possesses medicinal properties in huge numbers.
  • It has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Ginger’s effect on Nausea:

  • Ginger is immensely effective in cases of nausea. The people who get the chemotherapy done may begin vomiting and nausea after surgery, it reduces that. It is quite effective in nausea during pregnancy and especially when facing the morning blues.
  • Although ginger is very safe to use but before proceeding better consult your doctor.
  • Don’t know if it is gossip or a fact that consuming it in excess can cause miscarriage to the pregnant ladies and ‘anything in excess is always bad.’ Research on this subject is done very less and needs further research.

Helpful in Osteoarthritis

  • Helps in osteoarthritis as it is an anti-inflammatory: Osteoarthritis has become the most common problem worldwide due to our lifestyle changes and the food intake currently. It involves the degeneration of the joints, causing pain and stiffness, restricting our physical movements.
  • A study was conducted to judge the facts and it was found that people who ate ginger need less pain medication than those who do not eat it.
  • Another study told us that when ginger is combined with mastic, cinnamon, and sesame oil  and applied topically to reduce the pain and stiffness showed great results.

diabetes herbal remedies

Ginger is beneficial in diabetes:

  • More research is needed, but has a strong ability to control blood sugar levels, which is the main culprit for causing heart attacks.

People also found that ginger helped in lowering the level of;

  • hemoglobin A1c
  • apolipoprotein B
  • apolipoprotein A-1
  • malondialdehyde

Certain dietary complications are dealt by ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Helps in Chronic indigestion (dyspepsia):

  • The upper part of your stomach gets horrible feeling when you get struck by chronic indigestion (dyspepsia). It is evidently true that the delayed emptying of the stomach causes this disease to spread its wings.
  • Ginger accelerates the movement of the stools and pushes them out of the body in a fast manner.
  • An experiment was done to see the effects and it was found that normally a person used to empty his stomach after eating normal food after 16 minutes and after eating ginger laced diet began emptying in 12 minutes.

Useful in Menstrual Periods

  • Ginger reduces the pain that happens due to troubles during menstrual periods in females:
  • When the females have unusual menstrual cycles and feel the pain, 1 gram of ginger powder taken everyday reduces the chances of pain, if taken in the first 3 days of the period.
  • Even traditionally it was used to bring relief to the females who had trouble with their menstrual periods.

Helps in Preventing Cancer:

  • The dreadful name cancer tells the story that it is a very serious disease, which happens due to an uncontrolled build up of abnormal cells.
  • It’s ingredient, 6-gingerol, a substance that is found in large amounts in raw ginger has anti-cancer properties.
  • In a study that was conducted on many individuals 2 grams of ginger everyday significantly lowered pro-inflammatory molecules in the colon.
  • Ginger has provided evidence that it helps and is quite effective in pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Enhances brain power and helps in Alzheimer’s disease:

  • The aging process speeds up when one remains tense and has chronic inflammation. These are believed to be the main drivers that lead to Alzheimer’s disease and age-related psychological decline.
  • But the studies on ginger suggest that bio-active compounds and anti-oxidant properties do inhibit inflammatory responses that keep happening in brains.
  • Strong evidence shows that ginger can enhance the brain functions it also displayed that ginger consumption enhances reaction time and improving memory.
  • Lots of studies in animals showing that ginger can protect against age-related decline in brain function. More research is required.


  • Ginger is not called super food in ignorance, but has numerous properties that make it special, especially in an Ayurvedic world as lots of remedies are made using ginger’s exclusive features to heal so many diseases.
  • You can buy it from your local grocery store or order online as it doesn’t lose its immense power even when it gets dry or is used in powder form or in any other way.
  • Just make sure that the ginger is in organic form and not laced with sprays or other chemicals to reap in the maximum benefits.

Triphala for Detoxification and Rejuvenation-An Ayurvedic Formula

The word “Tri” means three and “Phala” means fruit. It is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic product because of its numerous health benefits.

It is prepared from three fruits:

  • Emblica officinalis-Amla(Indian gooseberry)
  • Terminalia chebula- Haritaki(Chebulic myrobalan)
  • Terminalia bellirica- Vibhitaki(Belleric myrobalan)

Amla (Emblica officinalis)

  • This little fruit is stuffed with innumerable health benefits. It has sour taste. It takes care of the patient like a mother. It has anti-ageing, coolant property, has all the tastes except salt. It is dry in nature, sweet, astringent. It balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha, undergoes sweet taste conversion after digestion and has cold potency, balances Vata due to its sour taste, balances Pitta dosha due to sweetness and cold nature, balances Kapha due to dryness and astringent properties.


Haritaki(Terminalia chebula)

It is a very famous rejuvenating herb. There are 7 types of Haritaki as explained in Ayurvedic texts.

  1. Taste: It has 5 tastes except salt.
  2. Qualities: Light and dry.
  3. Undergoes pungent taste after digestion.
  4. Potency: Hot
  5. It increases digestion power
  6. It clears and cleans bowels
  7. If it is boiled or steamed, it becomes absorbant hence useful in malabsorption syndrome.
  8. If it is taken after food, it eliminates all the toxic effects due to food poisoning.
  9. With salt– it balances Kapha dosha.
  10. With sugar– it balances Pitta dosha.
  11. With ghee– it balances Vata dosha

For the purpose of rejuvenation, it is adminstered along with different ingredients in different seasons.

  1. In rainy seasons, it is taken with rock salt.
  2. In autumn season, it is taken with sugar.
  3. In early winter, it is taken with ginger.
  4. In winter, it is taken with Pippali(Piper longum)
  5. In spring season, it is taken with jaggery.

Vibhataki(Terminalia bellirica)

Vibhataki means lack of fear and Vibhataki means fruit that takes away the fear of disease.

  1. Effect: Balances Kapha and Vata.
  2. Taste: Astringent.
  3. Undergoes sweet taste after digestion.
  4. Qualities: Dry, light to digest.
  5. Eases motion, has laxative action. That’s why, Triphala is mild laxative.
  6. Taste: Triphala has 5 out of 6 tastes- sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent.
  7. Effect on Tridosha: Balances Pitta and Kapha.
  8. Potency: When it comes to hot or cold potency, Amla is mildly cold, Haritaki and Vibhitaki are slightly hot in nature, so overall effect of Triphala is hot.


Benefits of Triphala:

  1. Triphala is an excellent source of anti-oxidants.
  2. It is also used in the treatment of diabetes due to its rich anti-oxidant properties.
  3. It can be used regularly for pre-diabetic patients.
  4. Water decoction (Kashayam) prepared from Triphala powder is used to treat non-healing wounds.
  5. It is widely used in skin disorders.
  6. It is also used for the treatment of obesity.
  7. For weight loss and for lowering cholesterol levels, it can be used for 4-6 months.
  8. It is also used for improving eye sight. For improving eye sight, Triphala Ghrita(clarified butter made up of Triphala) is widely used. It is also used to improve computer vision syndrome.
  9. Triphala powder is widely used in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome associated with constipation (IBS-C) as Haritaki(Terminalia chebula) is good in easing bowel movements. For the treatment of IBS-C, 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder is administered in night alongwith water before or after meals. 2 teaspoon of Triphala powder can be administered if the constipation is severe.
  10. It is also used as a daily tonic due to its rich anti-oxidant property.
  11. Vibhatiki( Terminalia bellirica) helps to improve digestion and strength
  12. Amla(Emblica officinalis) balances heat levels in the body(Pitta-balance)

Triphala for Detoxification and Rejuvenation

Triphala for Rejuvenation:

  • Charak Samhita, Chikitsa Sthaan, 1st chapter deals with the anti-aging treatments. It has 4 sections. It deals with anti aging remedies by using herbs like- Amla, Triphala, Long pepper and Shilajeet. The great sages of India were devoted to penance, celibacy, meditation and tranquility so the remedies for rejuvenation can only be found in Ayurveda only.
  • This remedy for using Triphala is explained by Master Charaka(Father of Indian Medicine) for rejuvenation. Triphala- a combination of simple herbs like- Amla, Baheda and Harad can do wonders. It is also known to show anti-aging effect. Its references is found in Charak Samhita as well as in Sushrut Samhita (ancient Ayurvedic texts).


  • Take 100 grams Triphala powder. Make a semi-solid waste by adding water. Take a clean iron vessel or pot and apply the paste of Triphala powder over the iron vessel and leave it to dry for one day. Take out the paste from iron vessel after 24 hours and keep it in a clean and dry container. Keep in mind that Triphala must be completely dried, if it is not completely dried, it may get spoilt in a week time. This dried powder is administered in a dose of 5-10 grams along with 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • It may also be made into paste with honey and can be consumed with 1 cup of water after food. If it is to be consumed in the morning, one should take at least 5 grams of sesame oil (in diet) or cow’s ghee in the evening.
  • If this remedy is taken at night, one should consume at least 5 grams of ghee or sesame oil in the next breakfast.

According to Master Charak, by using this remedy for continuously one year, one can live for 100 years free from aging and diseases!!

According to Ayurveda, the nature of vessel used for storing any substance or used for cooking adds its own medicinal value to the substance which is being stored or contained in the vessel. In ancient times, people used to drink water empty stomach in the morning which is kept in copper vessel over-night due to medicinal properties of copper vessel. We can also observe the difference in bathing water which is boiled in copper vessel and which is heated by modern day geyser.

As per Ayurveda, iron is used as anti-aging remedy. There are many benefits of iron like- it is coolant in nature, nourishing, bitter, sweet and sour in taste. It is also useful in cardiovascular diseases. It improves strength, immunity, memory, skin texture, intelligence, digestive power and many more.

  • Triphala powder is good for eyes, spleen, liver, blood vessels and a very good anti-oxidant. So this combination of iron and triphala is a good combination for rejuvenation.
  • Both Triphala and honey have rooksh (dry) nature. To counter this effect after digestion, cow’s ghee/sesame oil is advised.
  • Once prepared, this combination can be stored for a period of 1-2 months only. It is advised to prepare this remedy every month.
  • This remedy or advice comes from Master Charaka directly so there is no problem to use it continuously for one year. (Reference: Charak Samhita, Chikitsa Sthaan, 1st chapter).


  1. Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before consuming honey.
  2. It is best to avoid this remedy during pregnancy.
  3. As per Charak Samhita Sutrasthaan, 26th Chapter, sour fruits should not be consumed with milk. So, milk should be avoided alongwith Triphala.

Triphala for detoxification

  • Triphala can be easily used as a herbal cleanser which is used as herbal colon cleansing. For detoxification, 5 grams Triphala powder can be taken with warm water during night. It is also a liver protective agent.