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In Ayurveda, the importance of woman health has been given as a priority. Which states, she only lay the foundation of healthy society. In modern medicine, the study of female organs of reproduction is known as gynecology, which is synonyms to ‘Stri Rog Vigyan’ of Ayurveda.


In Ayurveda, endometriosis has been named as ‘Udaavartinee’, which defines endometriosis as painful menstruation and presence of painful and delayed menstruation flow and retrograde menstruation. Retrograde menstruation is believed to be a cause of endometriosis.

Ayurveda states that ‘Vata’ governs all movements in the mind and body. Vata controls the blood flow, elimination of waste products, breathing and momentum of thoughts in the mind. Thus, balancing the Vata inside the body restores the proper functioning of vital organs and treatment of endometriosis.

Vata is, further, subdivided into many forms and amongst them ‘Apanavata’ is particularly responsible for the downward flow of blood (menstruation) and excretory function. Abnormal functioning of Apanavata, affects the flow of blood (Pitta) and disturbs the Kapha (reproductive tissue). The disturbance in Kapha leads into the displacement of endometrial tissue.

Thus, the leading form of energy causing the endometriosis is tackled first. In Ayurveda, for Endometriosis treatment, ‘Ushna therapy and medication’ is recommended, which increases the metabolism in Vata and Kapha. Furthermore, ‘Gulma’ treatments is prescribed for gas, bloating, constipation and delayed periods. Pitta treatments can be applied, in case of excessive bleeding and burning sensation.

Modern medicine in Endometriosis Treatment

In modern medicine, endometriosis has been identified as a hormonal and immune system disease. In this disease, cells lining the uterus (endometrium) grow outside the uterine cavity, most commonly’ on the membrane of abdominal cavity, ‘peritoneum’. Common symptoms are menstrual pain and infertility. Moreover, the pain get worse during menstrual cycle and cause secondary dysmenorrhea.
In Allopathy, the disease is treated by prescribing medicines for pain and hormones, otherwise followed by surgery.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

  • Dysmenorrhea – Painful cramps during the menstrual period and lower back pains in advanced stages.
  • Chronic pelvic pain – Indicated by lower back pain or abdominal pain
  • Dyspareunia – Painful sex
  • Dysuria – Painful urination
  • Throbbing, deterioration and pain to the legs are reported in endometriosis


In Ayurveda, woman are not only cure for the pathology of reproductive organs but also with holistic approach. Thus, improving general health of the woman.

In Ayurveda endometriosis treatment is applied in mild and moderate types. It can be a supportive therapy in severe conditions such as adhesion of pelvic organs like uterus, bladder and bowel.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Endometriosis

There are 3 types of ‘Ayurvedic herbal preparations’ used to treat endometriosis

  • Ayurvedic herbal preparations to control Vata movements and reduce pain.
  • Kapha pacifying herbal preparations to reduce growth, lyses, adhesion and to maintain fertility.
  • Herbal preparations to reduce excessive bleeding.

In Ayurveda, the herbal preparation are used to boost the immunity, which in turn helps in proper functioning of glands and hormonal balancing.

The most useful herbs are Ashoka, Shatavari and Lodhra.

  • Ashoka (Saraca asoca):- is used in the treatment of menstrual disorders associated with excessive bleeding, congestion, and pain, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, and uterine spasms. The herb strengthen the endometrium and uterine muscles. Thus, it is effective as a uterine tonic for irregular menstrual cycles and miscarriage.
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus):- is an important medicinal plant. Shatavari has its name in Indian and British Pharmacopoeias. Generally, root extract of Shatavari is used as uterine tonic, hyperacidity, as a galactogogue (to improve breast milk) and general health tonic.
  • Lodhra:- Lodhra stops hemorrhages and heaviness in the body. It acts as coolant to the body, where it pacifies Pitta and stops inflammation and stops excessive bleeding. It is very beneficial in gynae problems.

Planet Ayurveda, Holistic Healing Through Herbs, is dedicated to promote natural herb to common man. Ayurvedic treatment for endometriosis is safe like in heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain. The Herbal preparations for the treatment of endometriosis shows its efficacy comparing to NSAID.‘Planet Ayurveda, Endometriosis care pack‘ has wonderful results for endometriosis and overall health benefits of woman.

The Endometriosis Care Pack is a powerful package of five different packs, which includes

  1. Boswellia curcumin: It is an effective combination of anti-inflammatory herbs. It relieves in pain and enhance immunity. It removes body fluid waste, prevent cancer, works as an anti-oxidant, curcumin, known as haldi, suppresses the mutagens. Boswellia curcumin capsules (500 mg) are 100% pure and don not cause any side effects.
    Dosage: 1-2 capsules once or twice a day
    Net Content: 60 capsules
  2. Female Health Support: It is a purely herbal formulation used since ancient time. The combined herbs are highly interactive and acts on the various targets. They are useful in female infertility, menstrual cycles and pain, hormonal imbalance and excessive discharge (leucorrhoea). Planet Ayurveda, Female Health Support, capsules (500 mg) improves libido.
    Dosage: 1-2 capsules once or twice a day
    Net Content: 60 capsules
  3. Aloe Vitals: It is a capsule form of Aloe Vera, effectively work as anti-oxidant. The various active constituents like salicylic acid, cinnamic acids etc. are anti-microbial agents. It enhances the action of liver, kidney and gall bladder. It acts as tonic, detoxifier and antiseptic. It boosts the immunity and exhibit the cooling properties, which helps in rejuvenating the endometrial linings.
    Dosages: 1-2 capsules twice a day
    Net Content: 60 capsules
  4. Shatavari Capsules: It is well known for endometrial treatment. Shatavari capsules are prepared from standardized extract of Shatavari. It targets hormonal imbalance, endometriosis and maintain fertility.It has rejuvenating properties and maintain overall health.
    Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice a day
    Net Content: 60 capsules
  5. Pradrantak Churna: Pradrantak Churna maintain and enhances the woman health. The mixture of herbs targets on the gynecological associated problems. It pacifies Vatta and balance Patta and Kapha. It is highly effective in Dysmenorrhoea, painful menstruation, irregular menses, Leucorrhoea, ovarian cyst and uterine fibroids.
    Dosages: I teaspoonful twice daily
    Net weight: 100 g

Indication for Endometriosis Care Pack

  • Endometriosis
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Menstrual disorder
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Irregular menses
  • Menopausal Syndrome

Ayurvedic Treatment of Endometriosis

It is a painful condition in which the tissue that lines the endometrium grows outside the uterus. It affects 176 million women worldwide. If it is not diagnosed properly which leads to various complications. Modern medicine has no treatment for this painful disease. They treat this condition by prescribing birth control pills and by hormonal treatments. Hormonal treatment includes the therapy to supress the body’s production of estrogen. There are number of drugs which work by reducing the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Leutinising hormone (LH). One such drug is Danazol which works similar to Testosterone. It works by reducing FSH and LH levels if taken for 6-9 months but this therapy has various side effects like- pseudomenopause, hot flushes, growth of hair on skin, vaginal dryness, hoarseness of voice, joint pains etc. It generally affects women between the age group of 24-45 years. Endometriosis is one of the main reason of uterus removal (hysterctomy) in women. There is no cure available but if healthy lifestyle is followed alongwith herbal treatment symptoms of disease can be managed.


It should be understood that this disease is different from cancer. Endometrial growths are not malignant, it is just a normal tissue growing outside but unlike the lining of uterus, the growth outside the uterus finds no way of leaving the body which results in internal bleeding, inflammation and scarring. These lesions first appear as clear vesicles, then become red and then progress to black over a period of years. Sometimes endrometric cysts are formed which are known as benign tumors but women may face difficulty in conceiving.

Ayurvedic Approach to Endometriosis

According to Ayurveda, Endometriosis is a result of imbalance of all three doshas in body namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is a Sannipatika condition according to Ayurveda. It is mainly a Kapha problem but due to the involvement of blood and hormones, it becomes Pitta problem also. Vata is responsible for movement in the body. Hence, it is a problem of vitiated Vata too.

According to Ayurveda, it results due to formation of Ama (toxins). As a result of toxin formation in the body, the natural defences are lowered and biological rhythms are disrupted. This disease can be corrected by regulating digestive fire (Jatharagni), ensuring proper elimination and by balancing the mind. Various Ayurvedic medicines like- ChanderprabhaVati, KachanaarGuggul, Pradarantakchurna etc. are very useful.

What are the symptoms of Endometriosis?

  • Pain during ovulation
  • Dyspareunia – Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Tiredness
  • Back pain which is not associated with menstruation
  • Difficulty in conceiving
  • Dysmenorrhea – Painful menstruation
  • Infertility as it produces scarring of the ovary and tubes.
  • Heavy or uncontrollable menstrual periods with small or large blood clots
  • Premenstrual spotting

What are the causes of Endometriosis?

  • Surgical transplantation
  • Structural defects in uterus or cervix
  • Heredity
  • Women who consume alcohol are more prone to Endometriosis
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor digestion
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Disruption of natural biological rhythms
  • Toxins accumulating in tissues and blocking circulation

Planet Ayurveda’s Natural Supplements

Products of Planet Ayurveda for Endometriosis are 100% safe and pure with no non-vegetarian constituents.


  1. Boswellia Curcumin – 2 capsules of Boswellia Curcumin to be taken twice daily after meals with water.
  2. Female Health Support – 2 capsulesbe taken twice after meals with water.
  3. Aloe vitals – 1 capsuleto be taken 2 times a day after meals with water.
  4. Shatavari Capsules – 2 capsules twice a day after meals with water.
  5. Pradarantak Churna – 1 tsp two times a day with water.

Product Description

1. Boswellia Curcumin

Boswellia Curcumin product of Planet Ayurveda contains extract of Curcuma longa. Curcuma longa contains alkaloid ‘Curcumin’ which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotic, anti-cancerous properties.

2. Female Health Support

This product of Planet Ayurveda contains:-

  • Ashoka (Saracaindica)
  • Lodhra (Symplocosracemosa)
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)

It helps in shrinking extra endometrial cells.

Ashoka (Saraca indica) is known to repair endometrium due to its estrogenic properties due to which it repairs the inflammation of uterus. This herb has remarkable effects on female hormones.

Lodhra (Symplocus racemosa) – It is helpful in maintaining Pitta(heat) and Kapha(phelgum) in the body. It has been traditionally used as uterine tonic. It contains glycosides which are responsible for medicinal properties of bark.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) – It is an excellent tonic for women. Its cooling effects help in reducing Pitta (heat) levels in the body.

3. Aloe vitals

This product of Planet Ayurveda contains pure extract of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis). It is rich in natural vitamins, minerals which repairs the endometrium slowly and naturally without causing any side effects. It has many healing properties.

4. Shatavari Capsules

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) – It is an excellent tonic for women.Its cooling effects help in reducing Pitta (heat) levels in the body

5. Pradarantak Churna

Pradarantak Churan of Planet Ayurveda contains Lodhra (Symplocus racemosa), Asoka (Saraca indica), Udumbur (Ficus glomerata) and Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna). This preparation gives a lot of strength to the uterus and helps to heal the endometrial lining.

Udumbur (Ficus glomerata) is used extensively in Ayurveda to treat heavy menstruation. It is astringent thus brings Stambhana (blocking effect), It is Shramahara (relieves tiredness and fatigue), it is Shothahara (anti-inflammatory). It is Pradarahara (relieves heavy menstruation and excessive white discharge). Its decoction is also used for vaginal douche.
Its bark alongwith other ingredients is made into Kashayam and is administered after delivery for care of mother.

Herbal pack of Planet Ayurveda for Endometriosis is 100% safe and prepared by using best quality of herbs. This pack is prepared by keeping in touch with the principles of Ayurveda. Purity of the Planet Ayurveda’s medicines is confirmed.

These medicines are recommended for at-least 2 months but medicines can be continued for 1 year if there are uterine fibroids, blockage of fallopian tubes, excessive menstrual bleeding. This herbal combination improves the health of a woman by decreasing heat in the body and curbing over growth of endometrial lining.
One must avoid chemical treatments to improve hormonal levels in the body as it leads to various side effects thus hampering the system’s own mechanism to secrete hormones naturally.