Ayurvedic Guide to Your Dog’s Renal Diseases


Some of us know how hard it is for our little pets to handle when it comes to illness related to internal organs. Knowledge of hardships that follow in a medical condition for an organ like the kidney might further help you understand how deep it would be for our pet to go through. They too are mammals and have all the soft organs very much similar to humans. While many others still aren’t aware that animals too have to face problems like kidney diseases, Planet Ayurveda is at your help to both know and familiarize yourself about the kidney diseases that may occur in pet dogs and how Ayurveda comes into play for its cure.

Kidneys of Dogs

Just like human body functions, dogs also have to adopt methods to balance the water and waste products in their body and for that, they have the renal system and so it’s included with a pair of kidneys. Other than the function of filtering nutrients, their kidneys also play a vital role in maintaining blood pressure at normal levels. Ionic balance hence is another vital function that they perform. Hence, like human kidneys, any damage to these can drastically affect the body functions of your dog and so renal health should be very well taken care of.

Kidney failure and other diseases in dogs

Renal diseases in dogs might sound confusing and complicated but it occurs in more than a quarter of them once they pass 10 years of age. The nephrons get damaged over time and make the kidney unable to function properly, leading to malfunctions and diseases. This results in the slowing down of the toxin filtration. This could be due to normal aging of the body organs or other associated renal diseases like renal insufficiency, pyelonephritis, Lyme diseases, etc. This mainly is an issue with old age dogs. Diseases like Addison’s and Cushing’s diseases that affect the suprarenal glands also make the kidneys weaker. These conditions lead to acute and chronic renal failure. The infections get further developed if not taken good care of, to higher levels of chronic failure.

kidney failure in dogs

Prevention and Ayurvedic diet for your dogs.

Know when to be alert by checking some of these symptoms in your doggies

  1. Excessive thirst.
  2. Excessive urination.
  3. Weight loss.
  4. ow or very little appetite.
  5. Constant vomiting.

Try to spend time taking care of their health at times. Provide them with access to enough unpolluted water. Consult a doctor for further medications. Though we should not prepare a diet for our dog on our own unless you are a physician, always note to provide them fresh foods and uncontaminated food. It would be helpful for them to avoid calcium or phosphorus-rich foods often, as it may make their kidneys a hard job to filter those components. Consult with your doctor about the right dog food which is to be provided.

Planet Ayurveda to help you out!

It’s very scary for your pet to undergo chronic stages of renal failure and so it’s very vital to treat him/her at the right time. Luckily, other than modern medical lines, Ayurveda, the science closest to nature, is at our help to make our pets alright.

Planet Ayurveda offers you the best hand-picked and risk-free herbal drugs for everyone since many years. This is accomplished by allowing for a large number of quality tests to be performed at regular intervals, as well as keeping the product as herbal as possible. This renowned Ayurvedic group is dedicated to getting its followers and clients the best version of chemical free drugs, tested by the Physicians. We ensure that our Ayurvedic products are accessible to everyone by keeping the items gluten-free and many of them vegetarian. All the herbal formulations are prepared in accordance with the Ayurvedic way referring to our ancient texts. Some of the herbal drugs in the care pack for dogs affected with kidney diseases are described below.

These products by Planet Ayurveda have been used or prescribed by Ayurveda doctors for a very long time and hence could help you reach your solutions. Take a look at them.

Natural Remedies for Kidney Failure in Dogs

Natural Remedies for Kidney Failure in Dogs

1. Mutrakrichantak Churna

This is a Churna(powder) form of poly-herbal ayurvedic medicine developed by Planet Ayurveda that is suggested for urinary issues and contains the primary ingredients Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) and roots of Varun (Crataeva nurvala). This medication helps to keep the urinary tract and kidneys of dogs healthy.

Dosage: 1 Teaspoonful twice daily with water.

2. Rencure Formula

This is a special poly-herbal capsule that maintains the health of kidneys and urinary systems. This vegetarian Formula is made entirely of natural ingredients. Our Ayurvedic experts have evaluated this medicine to ensure it is free of any artificial colors or chemicals.

Dosage: 2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water.

3. Punarnava Mandur

This is a poly-herbal tablet that helps the body maintain its water balance, according to Ayurveda. It keeps the kidneys healthy with the help of unique ingredients in this drug. This is a unique ayurvedic drug made by Planet Ayurveda that is used to treat urinary problems in dogs.

Dosage: 2 tablets thrice daily with lukewarm water.

4. Varunadi Vati

This all-natural medication is made into poly-herbal capsules that have Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) and Varun (Crataeva Nurvala) as the major constituents. This drug is used to treat bladder infections and to keep the body’s water balance in our pets. Our Ayurvedic experts have analyzed the medicine and determined that it is free of any artificial colors or additives.

Dosage:2 tablets thrice daily with lukewarm water.

5. Chandanadi Vati

This is a capsule form of poly-herbal remedy created by Planet Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic experts. This helps to maintain the urinary tract system healthy, and aids in good digestion, thanks to a unique blend of natural medicines. There are no chemicals or other additives in this medication.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily with lukewarm water.

Taking care of a dog is almost like raising one’s human child. They give us the ability to love unconditionally. We, humans, are hence bound to pay them back with the best possible care that we can make available for them. As this also includes good health, let’s rely on Ayurveda to give our pet dogs the best of their health. Let’s feed them Ayurveda along with food and love to help them love us back with a healthy body and mind.

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