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Ayurveda is known for its extensive range of medicines, well that’s not a myth. Rasayana is a treatment method where medicines that are capable of nourishing the body are administered to the patient. These medicines have an anabolic effect on the body. There are 2 types of Rasayana administration. A time-bound medicinal administration with strict rules and isolation is called “kutipraveshika Rasayana”, and the administration of Rasayana medicines like any other medicines, in a small amount, on a daily basis with no strict rules, is called “vataathapika Rasayana”. What we are going to introduce you to is a not so famous but insanely effective method of Rasayana administration that comes in the middle of this spectrum, “Vardhman Rasayana”.

Vardhaman Rasayana is the method of administering a drug in whatever form that suits the patient, for a fixed time period. The number of drugs the patient should consume is divided and administered in ascending and descending doses over this time period which is mostly 20 days. An example of drugs used for this method is Bhallathaka (Semecarpus Anacardium) and pippali (Piper longum).

In this article, we will focus solely on one., Vardhman pippali Rasayana.

vardhamana pippali rasayana

Let’s Talk a Bit About Pippali

Pippali (Piper longum), a member of the Piperaceae family, is a mesmerizing drug found in numerous ayurvedic formulations. Told to be Agryoushada i.e., a prime choice, for splenic disorders. The benefit it provides in a variety of diseases is unimaginable and is yet to be explored despite extensive research. It is a part of a famous combination called “trikatu”, the three drugs with katu (pungent) taste which is undoubtedly a great medicine for respiratory problems. It alleviates Kapha and Vata dosas. It is light and unctuous in its attributes. The taste of pippali is said to be a mix of sweet, pungent, and bitter, and the end outcome called vipaka of pippali is sweet. It has an “anushnasheeta” potency i.e., It is neither heating nor cooling to the body. It has several actions that include appetizing, enhancing taste perception, aphrodisiac, rejuvenating, and purgative. It is said in classics that pippali can be beneficial in cough, parasite infestations, phthisis, skin diseases, diabetes, dyspnoea, rheumatoid arthritis, fever, and in removal of ama (metabolic toxin accumulation).

Process of Vardhman Pippali Rasayana

Initially, the patient is given 10 pippalis in the form of powder or decoction, or paste. Each day 10 more is added to the dose, for example, on the first day, the dose is 10 pippalis, on the second day the dose is increased to 20 pippalis, on the third day the dose will be 30 pippalis. The number increases and reach 100 pippalis on the tenth day, from the eleventh day, the number orderly decreases with 10 pippalis, for example, on the 11th day, the dose will be 90, then 80 then 70, and on the 20th day, the patient reaches the initial dose that is10 pippalis.

 The form in which pippali is administered is decided based on physical and mental strength.

  • Kalka or paste form is administered to those with uttama bala i.e., good physical and mental strength.
  • The decoction is administered to those with madhyama bala i.e., medium physical and mental strength.
  • Churna or powder form is administered to those with hrisva or avara bala i.e., low physical and mental health.

The number of the initial and increasing dose also changes according to the strength of the patient.

  • For uttama bala, the initial dose is 10 pippalis with a daily add-on of 10 pippalis, the patient consumes 1000 pippalis in 20 days.
  • For madhyama bala, the initial dose is 6 pippalis with an orderly increase of 6 pippalis each day and the patient in total consumes 600 pippalis in 20 days.
  • For avara bala, the initial dose is 3 pippalis with a daily increase of 3 pippalis, and the patient in total consumes 300 pippalis in 20 days.

Pathya or Diet Regimen during Vardhman Rasayan.

Shashtika shali (Oryza sativa) rice with cow milk and ghee is strictly recommended for reading the highest benefit from the intake of pippali Vardhman rasayan.

Benefits of Pippali Vardhman Rasayan according to Ayurveda Classics

It is told to be rejuvenating, increase muscle bulk, alleviate hoarseness of the voice and promote the voice quality, promotes life span, alleviates abdominal issues, acts as a brain tonic and improves intellect and memory, delays the aging process, and cures splenomegaly.

Pippali Vardhman Rasayan and its effect in diseases- a modern-day interpretation

Amavata or Rheumatoid Arthritis

Piperin in pippali contributes to its anti-arthritic properties. Piperin has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make pipali a strong drug against amavata.

Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial lung disease develops when an injury to the lungs healed improperly, resulting in scarring and thickening of the tissue surrounding the alveoli. This can disrupt gas exchange. With chronicity, there is a definite chance of developing several complications. Studies showed the use of Vardhman pippali Rasayana resulted in the reduction of breathlessness and its frequency, and there was a notable decline in the need of using an inhaler.


Piplartin, an amyl alkaloid component in piper longum has shown anti-neoplastic properties and is considered an important prototype for new anticancer drugs.

Other Diseases

Piplartin has also shown properties like antithrombotic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, neuroprotective, anti-atherosclerotic, antihyperlipidemic, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, antibacterial, and antifungal activities. Piperin is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Altogether enables the drug to be used in various disease conditions and confirms the information in classical ayurvedic texts.

It can be used for clotting disorders, heart, and vascular disorders, psychosomatic issues, metabolic disorders, inflammatory conditions, infections, gastrointestinal issues and so much more possibilities that are yet to be explored.

Several medications and methods of administration are viewed with nervousness. The majority of this fear, however, is caused by myths and a lack of accurate information. We are pleased that we were able to provide you with accurate information about Vardhman Pippali Rasayana enough to allow you to proceed with these procedures without fear or uncertainty. With the wisdom of Ayurveda, you can say goodbye to your health concerns for good. For more details of our products check out our website and for queries you can send your queries to our email id

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