Psychometric tests are the scientific and standard methods that are used to calculate an individual’s mental status and behavioral status. Let’s know what is mental status-in this the examination is done to evaluate the general appearance, perceptions, behavior, and unusual perceptions such as delusions, hallucinations and all the aspects of cognition like orientation, attention, and memory are recognized. The behavioral status includes the evaluation of the person’s behavior which includes the behavior of the person- how the person reacts and behaves along with that it also includes how the person may respond to external as well as internal stimuli. Now let’s discuss below some more about psychometric tests and for what purpose it is done and how ayurveda helps in improving it.   

Psychometric Tests


Psychometric tests include scientific as well as standard methods that will be done to evaluate both the mental and behavioral status. These tests are done to identify to which extent the personality and cognitive power match that is enough required for performing the role. It is even used to calculate the hidden feature of a candidate that is difficult to take out from a face-to-face interview. After the interview is done for hiring a particular, a letter is forwarded to the person with some instructions for reviewing the psychometric test. The Vedic tradition made psychometric tests too easy. Further, let’s know how ayurveda helps in making psychometric tests easy.     


Psychometric tests are done for hiring procedure and developmental procedure and it often helps the hiring manager to analyze what job the candidate fits the most. Mostly nowadays these tests are done online, and occasionally the paper format is followed especially in developmental centers. There are multiple sittings for psychometric tests but sometimes it is just for the time being. These are used at the different stages in the hiring process:

  1. In the early stage of selection for screening of candidates that are likely to be inappropriate for the job.
  2. Before the interview is done the faculty team discusses the candidate’s profile 
  3. In the later stage when a second interview is done the reassessment of a candidate is done to confirm the early assessment of the particular candidate.        


These assessments are used for different outcomes and purposes and it includes various categories that are specific for specific types of organization. There are four main categories of psychometric tests that we will discuss below in detail:

1. Aptitude Testing

These tests are used for measuring the cognitive abilities of a candidate. These types of psychometric tests are aids in determining the intelligence score to a limited extent. Let’s know about different aptitude tests below:

  • Numerical: This type of aptitude test is done to evaluate how a candidate is quick to work with numbers.    
  • Verbal: Verbal one explores a particular with the written extract and comprehension skills that are usually done with the MCQs (multiple choice questions).
  • Inductive: The inductive type of psychometric tests helps in measuring the ability of the candidate that how the particular person thinks methodically with the help of graphic sequences.
  • Diagrammatic: These tests are done to know the problem-solving capability of the candidate. The candidate gets 1 minute to answer each of the questions. 
  •  Logical: To evaluate the person’s ability to think logically these tests are done. These are just like diagrammatic tests but the difference is just between the diagrams.
  • Error checking: This is to evaluate how perfect the candidate to evaluate the errors in the given information is.

2. Behaviour Testing

These tests are done to evaluate the behavioral status of the candidate through which we can explore how the candidate communicates, the way to handle the setbacks and how they speak to and manage their team. So generally these tests are done to evaluate how much an individual fits in the organisation. Here we will discuss with one example of the behavioural tests that is Thomas personal profile analysis and it is used to evaluate four main factors- influence, compliance, steadiness and dominance.

3. Personality Test

Personality tests are used to measure how much the person is capable of a particular job by evaluating values, interests and behaviours. 

4. Emotional Intelligence Testing

If someone is emotionally intelligent then that person is perfect for communicating with the other people in the workplace. The one who is there for evaluating emotional intelligence should be emotionally intelligent as well.  

So all these tests are done to evaluate the candidate’s mental and behavioural status for measuring if the person is suitable for that particular job or not. Now let’s discuss how ayurveda helps in improving these psychometric tests.                               


As we read earlier the psychometric tests help in evaluating if the person is fit for a particular job or not. So if someone is not fit for that particular job then don’t worry we are here for you to be the best fit for the particular job. Before going for the interview you must keep some points in mind such as:

  1. Must review job description  
  2. Make sure you are eligible for that particular job 
  3. Must learn about your workplace
  4. Dress up properly

So these are some points that one should keep in the mind before going for the interview. Ayurveda is there for you to help out for making you perfect for your interview, let’s discuss how. Ayurveda mentions Achara rasayana that is important to practise in your day to day life for improving the quality of life to keep your mind calm, concentrated and composed as well. This is one of the effective ayurvedic concepts that has been used since ancient times for mind rejuvenation. It is known as rejuvenating behavioural therapy as per ayurveda which provides us various benefits:

  1. Positive thinking 
  2. Relieves physical strain and mental stress
  3. Improving tolerance and patience capacity 
  4. Maintaining better social and family relationships
  5. Personality development 
  6. Acts as a stimulant for rejuvenating medicine

Alongside Achara Rasayana Ayurveda provides you with Medhya Rasayana which includes four miraculous herbs that help in rejuvenating the mind, let’s discuss some common points about Medhya Rasayana. Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) and Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis ) are the four Medhya Rasayana. These herbs help in improving the intelligence power, keeping mind calm, controlling the anger issues, and maintaining the concentration power. So for improving yourself for an interview you must follow the above tips.   

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Psychometric tests include the scientific as well as standard methods that will be done to evaluate both the mental and behavioural status. These tests are done to identify upto which extent the personality and cognitive power matches that is enough required for a particular job. In the above article we mentioned all about the psychometric tests and more further we explain how Ayurveda helps a particular person suitable for the particular job. We explain Achara Rasayana and Medhya Rasayana for rejuvenating behavioural therapy. So it’s very effective if you opt Ayurveda as your day to day life partner for improving your mind to be fitted for your family and society. Hope you all like the information and if you are having any queries you can share your query on www.PlanetAyurveda.com.   

Dr. Vikram Chauhan


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