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Hypertension is another name of high blood pressure. It is very common due to stress, overthinking, aging, etc. It mainly affects the blood circulation to the heart and causes a heart attack. It can also cause many other serious conditions such as chest pain, kidney damage, strokes, etc. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy levels of blood pressure. Some people stuck in the daily consumption of alcohol, not doing exercise daily is easily affected by hypertension. The information in this article will help all people with herbal and home remedies to reduce high blood pressure levels and harmful effects.


Hypertension is a long-term condition in which arterial blood pressure is constantly elevated. Hypertension is very common nowadays. Sometimes, there is a force that pushes the blood against the arteries as our heart pumps. If this will happens, it will be a sign of hypertension or high blood pressure. Usually, we do not notice any symptoms related to hypertension. But high blood pressure can create major damage to our blood vessels and organs like eyes, kidneys, and brain. The value of blood pressure is between the range of 80 mmHg to 120 mmHg. But it may vary from person to person. So, it is important to take immediate action against it and check blood pressure readings daily.

High Blood Pressure

Types of Hypertension

There are Two Types of Hypertension and Each one has a Different Cause.

Primary hypertension

This type of hypertension develops over time without any reason. Many people faced this type of problem. Primary hypertension is also called essential hypertension. It is diagnosed after the doctor checking that the level of blood pressure in the body increases.

Usually people who are in the direct attack of this kind of hypertension, have no symptoms. But in many cases, people may experience sudden headaches, nose bleeding, and tiredness. According to researchers, excess body fat, smoking, consumption of alcohol, oily food and heredity all play a vital role in primary hypertension.

Secondary Hypertension

In this type of hypertension, there is an irregularity in the arteries that supply blood to the kidneys. Another cause is breathing problems during sleep, hormonal changes, thyroid disease, excess consumption of salt in the meals, alcohol, drugs, etc. all are equally responsible for secondary hypertension.

Causes of Resistant Hypertension

Many factors which causes the increase in the blood pressure such as genetics, diet, lifestyle, and age.

Below are Causes of Hypertension

  • Consumption of high salt, oily food.
  • There are some Chronic disease like diabetes, hormone and kidney problems, etc
  • Due to Heredity, especially if any family member has high blood pressure.
  • Physical inactive.
  • Old age, obesity, overweight.
  • Stress and anger.
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoke, tobacco or other harmful drugs.

Symptoms of Hypertension

vAs we talk about Hypertension, it is a silent killer which kills human internally. Many people suffering from hypertension are not aware of the problem. Because there may be no warnings and signs about it. Due to this reason, it is important to check your blood pressure regularly.

When persistent headache in the morning, bleeding from the nose, changes in vision, buzzing in the ear, chest pain, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, urination bleeding can be a problem of high blood pressure.

Complications of Hypertension

If the blood pressure seems to be uncontrolled, then it may create serious problems for the heart. Excess pressure of blood may harden the arteries and this may decrease the flow of blood and lack of oxygen to the heart.

Various Complications Occurs Due to Hypertension are the Following

  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Heart failure
  • Dementia
  • Kidney disorders

Herbal Remedies for Hypertension

Ayurvedic Treatment of HypertensionHerbal Remedies for Hypertension by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda provides effective Herbal Remedies for High Blood Pressure i.e. Hypertension Care Pack which helps to reduce the high blood presssure. All the products included in this pack are prepared by using the best quality herbs. All the remedies of Planet Ayurveda are natural and free from preservatives, chemicals. So, these are safe and produce no side effects.


It is a pure herbal remedy for heart care and maintains the blood pressure. It very effective in the treatment of hypertension, fatigue, high cholesterol, etc. It also helps in the strengthening of the heart muscle and artries.

v Dosage: 1-2 cups in a day.


This formulation of Planet Ayurveda contains four effective herbs such as Ashwagandha, Arjuna, Brahmi, and Shankhpushpi. Arjuna helps in the care of the heart. Ashwagandha is used to manage stress, depression, and gives strength to our body. Brahmi is used for strength and improves the functions of the brain. Shankhpushpi helps us to boost our memory and control the actions of our nervous system. Thus Total heart support helps to treat the hypertension in many effective ways.

Dosage: 1 capsules twice in a day.


vIt is prepared by coral calcium, Agate calcium, a calcium compound, pearl calcium, and Giloy. It helps to balance the pitta dosha in body. It reduce the heat in the body thus reduces the blood pressure. This formulation also helps to balance the hormones due to presence of calcium compounds.

Dosage :- 1 capsule twice in a day.


It is a classical formulation in Ayurveda. These tablets contain the standardized extract of Sarpagandha (Indian snakeroot). It supports the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system and also helps to reduce the high blood pressure.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice in a day.

Home Remedies of Hypertension

Various Natural Remedies Help us to Reduce Hypertension

1. Exercise and Walk Daily

  • Both are the best way to reduce blood pressure. Regular physical activities can easily protect our heart and help pump blood efficiently which can reduce pressure in the arteries.

2. Reduce Salt Intake

  • In general, it is observed that more salt intake leads to high blood pressure. So, it is important to reduce the consumption of salt in our meals. Consumption of high salt is equally responsible for heart attacks and stroke.

3. Intake of Potassium-rich food

  • It is important to consume potassium-rich foods in our diet like a banana. It is a good source of minerals. It can easily balance the pressure on our blood vessels. Other Potassium-rich foods are tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans and fruits like oranges, apricots, avocados, melons, etc. Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Reduce Weight

  • If someone is overweight so, it is important to lose weight because it can directly affect health. According to the research, it is clear that losing the bodyweight help in lower the high blood pressure. Due to regular exercise, it can be possible.

5. Eat Berries and Avoid Added Sugars

  • Berries are useful for hearts. It helps in reducing blood pressure. It decreases the risk of a heart attack. It is also important to avoid added sugar like cold drinks, packed juices, soda, etc. These all contain high sugar and thus increase the level of blood pressure in our body.

6. Intake of Calcium and Magnesium-Rich Food

  • Calcium and magnesium also help us in lowering the level of blood pressure. It is recommended for children regularly. If we take calcium-rich food daily so that we maintain the level of blood pressure in our bodies. Magnesium helps our blood vessels to relax.


The entire information concludes that hypertension is a silent killer. It requires proper and timely treatment to prevent itself from affecting yourself with any of its complications. The home remedies and herbal remedies mentioned above help treat hypertension. The Hypertension Care Pack offered by Ayurveda is very effective, natural and helps in treating hypertension.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

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